Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loves about Loves

Despite some pukey-ness in our household this week, it seems like for the moment we've reached a tiny lull in the ever continuing roller coaster of having small children. So this post, I thought I'd share about some of the things we love about out two tiny men.


  • He "asks a lot of questions" according to our friend and neighbor, Doug. Yes, yes he does. I can't imagine where he gets that from ;)
  • He plays pretend ALL the time. Quite often, I'll ask him to repeat something, and he'll say he was just talking to himself. 
  • He likes to help Theo (when he's not trying to be first or take things away from Theo...)
  • He gets dressed all by himself every morning. It's delightful. 
  • He's SO polite. "May I please" is just music to my ears. 
  • He's also so giggly. And loves to be tickled. 
  • He tells me his is the fastest runner and the highest jumper. 
  • He plays hide and seek, but also sometimes while he's hiding he switches to pretend to be a dinosaur hatching from an egg :)
  • He makes up many, many words. Often rhyming ones. 
  • He'll read to Theo. 
  • He can recognize the letters in his first name, and points them out everywhere. 
  • He has a little grin he uses to be charming when he wants something. 
  • He likes to help, and has regular chores. 


  • Loves to read - "book" is one of his oft-repeated words right now. 
  • He has a boisterous belly laugh at just about everything (see video below), combined with a hilarious double chin :)
  • He likes to play "peeksies" or, peek-a-boo, with anyone and anything. He'll use a bib, his hands, a book, a blanket, a sock...
  • He likes to help even more than Levi does. He'll put things in the trash (often dishes that don't belong there....) bring us items from the fridge when we don't need them...and he even went and got me a pair of jeans out of my dresser when I was getting dressed on Monday. 
  • He's what I think is best called "cheeky," that is, he likes to play little jokes on you, like putting a bowl on your head for a hat, or running away giggling when its time to go, or holding food off of his tray like he's going to drop it, but then not and just laughing at me. 
  • Goldfish are his favorite. As in, they elicit dancing, clapping, and shouts of happiness. 
  • He bops along with most any song that's playing in a little Theo-dance. 
  • He can put the dishwasher away faster than I can move. He picks up the plates one by one and holds them out at me like "Mom, why are you standing around??!"
  • He's always up for a hug or a snuggle


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Playing Together

You know what I always forget about winter? The intense amount of outwear needed. Its gotta add at least ten minutes to leaving or arrival to put the hats on, put the coats on, convincing Theo to keep his
hat on, trying to make him stand still long enough to zip up his coat, help Levi turn his coat right-side-up after he puts it on by himself, then take the coats and hats off upon arrival, put mittens and hats in sleeves and pockets so we don't lose them, hang them up...

And static. ugh static. I shock the kids all the time, and it makes everybody jump.

So tracking back to December, we had a great Christmastime. A wonderful holiday party with friends and then a road trip up to my parent's house for our time off. It's always a bit of mayhem with everyone together, but the best kind of mayhem :)

Theo got a book called The Pout Pout Fish from his Uncle Pat, and the plot line is that the pout pout fish is always dreary weary, because his face is always just pouty. But then he has an epiphany, and realizes his big smushy lips are good for something better: being a kiss kiss fish! And Theo always leans forward and gives the little board book a big smooch when that happens. So funny.

Theo is also a very sturdy walker nowadays, and is pretty content to toddle around, rearranging everything small enough for him to pick up. He loves to climb up the stairs and bring back down books for us to read. He'll pretty willingly listen to directions....except when they come from me. If I ask him to come over here, he waits until I look at him, then laughs and runs away. If I ask him to give me something, he looks at me and throws it in the other direction. This doesn't happen to Tim. Only me. I should say that Theo will often listen if its a direction to both him and Levi, because he wants to be like his big brother.

Levi does a nice job these days of playing with Theo. He still has to be first ALL the time, but he'll go get a toy to trade Theo instead of just taking them away - progress :) They both will "wrestle" or play laughing or peek-a-boo games, and they always need to have tubbies together these days.

Levi has been learning to be more polite - and more conversational. Although the conversations are usually quotes that came out of  Tim or my own mouth days or weeks before. The other day he said he "would really love if" in exactly the inflection I would use. He also loves to tell stories, usually recapping whole sections of the Cars movies He'll just use "and then" to keep telling part after part after part. We went bowling on Friday night to celebrate a very successful week of Levi being polite, respectful, and a good listener. He was SO excited about it the entire day, and even picked his bowling name "Nitro." ha.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Goose is Getting Fat

And by the goose, we mean Theo. Who, I am proud to announce, has finally decided walking is good
 skill to have. He was starting to get bored with the infant room at school, since many of the kids are smaller with him and its not really geared to toddlers. So in the past week or so, when staffing allows, a teacher has brought him over to the one-year-old room to play. And he loooooves it. And all the kids in that room walk (its a requirement to move up). Just today, the tiny one spent most of the evening cruising around the house walking. 'Bout time. He can't get much chubbier, he needs to start evening out:

We celebrated First Christmas with Tim's family over Thanksgiving - a four-day visit involving 24 hours without power (fried chicken for Thanksgiving!) and almost three days without wifi. We had a great time playing, decorating for Christmas, playing in the snow, and eating delicious food. Which is good, because the 11-hour trip back on Sunday was not my favorite ever.

Last weekend we went and cut down our tree at a local place where you can ride in a horse-drawn wagon, drink hot chocolate, see a train display, and watch some animals. The kids loved it - Theo especially loved the horses. And trying to crawl away from us in the field while Tim worked on cutting down the tree.

Theo has also started saying "What's that?" incessantly. We answer all of his questions, and a lot of times he tried to repeat the words, little cutie pie.

Levi also asks lots of questions. I can't imagine where he gets that inquisitiveness from :) He also loves to help bake (we finally got an oven!), cook, set the table, and put together puzzles. And wearing slippers like Daddy.

Aright. Friday. That's all I got. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just a couple of pumpkins enjoying the sun.
So things have gotten busy. The holidays generally do that, but I try hard to stay ahead of the game. This is more of a convergence of the time of year we have all of our annual and bi-annual doctor and dentist appointment, parent-teacher conferences, I took on some extra freelancing work, daylight savings happened, etc. But we have certainly still made some time for fun this fall season, even if it's just visiting a new park or hanging out with friends.

Levi's been somehow more trying and more sweet as time goes on. He is so proud to help with chores and to show that he's a good listener. But we've had some regression in potty training over the past two weeks without any reason we can figure out, and he's still very hit or miss with being disrespectful.

Theo, however, is (finally?) blossoming into his own little person, without having to be connected to mommy's hip. He chats to himself (he's having a conversation with his Thomas the Tank Engine sippy cup right now), he's had an explosion of using sign language and starting to say several words, of which his favorites are "bubbles" and "touchdown." He can tell you what a few different animals say - horses, sheep, goats, dogs, and pigs.

And now for the photo extravaganza!

Supervisor and Laborer engineering an effective dam

Cheers! (one of Theo's favorite games)

Whoa... Science.
My little mermaid and mer-baby

Unintentional choreography!

As cute as he is, Theo is surprisingly un-photogenic. So we settle for silly faces instead.

Two of a kind.

A rare Theo smile-at-the-camera moment is obviously accompanied by Levi blinking.

The boys and Daddy spending the last summer-like day at the park, feeding acorns to the fish (no, seriously, that's what's happening here.)

Levi and Mommy's Friday Lunch Date