Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ah Family

I've been trying to email myself conversations with Levi, because they are oh-so-hilarious. 

Here's a sampling: 

Levi (at 1 a.m., after an upset tummy): Spicy things make me spiced and hot things make me hot.
Tim: What makes you sleepy?
Levi: Stuffed animals. But not snakes or big doggies or kitty cats. 

Tim: Levi, you're my best friend. Who's your best friend?Levi: trucks. 

(Prayers before bed)
Levi: Dear Jesusthank you for trucks
thank you for dinner
thank you for minions
thank you for cars
thank you for daddy
thank you for mommy
thank you for Levi
thank you for sleeps
thank you for jammies
thank you for books
thank you for sheepie

Levi: (throws legos in the air)
Holly: No throwing Levi
Levi: I was making a star!

Levi: (throws piece of paper after crumpling it up)
Holly: Levi, please no throwing. Please get down and pick that up, and go throw it away.
Levi: (holds hands up innocently) I not have anything to throw....!

Levi's favorite activities these days involve drivign his hot wheels cars 9which he gets for using the potty) around and parking them in various places: on the wood stove, on a window frame, in the sugar bowl, etc. He also counts smokestacks. Of trains, boat, tractors or trucks in books, or anything he sees while riding in the car. 

Theo likes to chew on hardcover books these days, since he popped his two bottom teeth out within the past two
weeks. He is also very interested in playing with tiny things - tags, the little antennae on his butterfly toy. he's starting to turn himself around and scoot backwards when on his tummy. I can't say I'm looking forward to the mobility, I like that I can put sit him down with some toys and he doesn't get into anything while I work or do chores!

Levi gets himself into some pickles these days - he's started to try to pick things up from his chair at the table without actually getting down from the chair - resulting in some acrobatics. Once he got stuck upside down with
his head on the floor while he tried to reach a fork.  He also talks to his stuffed animals sometimes - we'll find him reading books to them or just conversing with them, which is adorable :)

We had some fantastic professional photos taken by Randy Litwin a few weeks ago, check out his website if you're in the eastern PA area - he does a really quality job, worked well with our tiny ones, was super easy going, and to be honest has a great philosophy about the price of professional photography. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tiny ones

We've all got a touch of a head cold these days, so just photos today!