Monday, May 26, 2014


This month's post in the form of a narrative stream word-poem:

Warm! Outside! Oh right. need 2T shorts.

baby getting larger...also my bicep. just the right one.

but not large enough. weight check at the doctor's.

Theo. eating. two words most often spoken together.

covered in: peanut butter. peaches. banana. jam. yogurt. even pickles.

Ate goldfish for the first time today. cried when they were gone.

Still stationary. can scootch backwards and around in a circle, but never forward.

Only two teeth. upper gums swollen for a few weeks now.

Boogers. always on me. and drool.

Big boy undies. a couple went down for the count, but surprisingly successful overall.

Lots of running. first skinned knee and split lip.

Also, more boogers.