Monday, February 3, 2014

Hilarity amongst the mess

So while friends were over Saturday afternoon, we were having pasta with meatballs for lunch. Levi, predictably, couldn't manage to keep his little bowl on the table. Right after Matt noticed that it might fall,
splat. hit the floor, with a good dose of marinara sauce on the fabric-covered seat on the way down. So after Levi picked up all the pasta and meat, helped me wipes off the floor, and i scrubbed as much sauce as I could get out of the chair, Levi climbed back up. As I walked back to the table after putting the disinfectant spray away, Theo, who was lounging in Tim's lap, leans over and yukes all over the floor. And then Levi climbs down from his seat, because he was done, and left a big red pasta sauce hand print on the fabric that I'd just scrubbed. And while I love having two tiny boys, sometimes there just isn't enough soap.

Theo is working on starting to pronounce some consonants like baba or mama - he's pretty good at trying to mimic us. When he's not drowning in drool, that is. He's taken to sucking on his bottom lip....not sure why, but it's pretty adorable. He's also almost at the point where he can scoot backwards a bit - his daycare teacher was trying to get him to try going forward today. I told her to stop, he's only six months old, I need a couple more months of no movement before I have two precocious children climbing the walls :) He also had his first taste of cereal this past week, as he is six months old today. He LOVED the spoon...and managed to dribble 95 percent of the cereal back out of his mouth, of course. But he was ecstatic about finally being allowed to grab something that looked like it had to do with eating - he's been reaching for our water glasses, utensils, plates, napkins, placemats, and table plant, for weeks now! We're going to try with him tilting back a bit in his bouncy seat next and see if we can get him to swallow any of it, ha.

Levi is proving to be very imaginative, which often ensues hilarity. Some recent conversations:

Levi: Mommy, see you later!

Me: Where are you headed?

Levi: To the office!

Me: Oh - what are you going to do at the office?

Levi: Eat pickles!

Talking with Daddy after Levi slipped and bonked his head on the floor:

Tim: Careful with your head, buddy, it's the only one you have.
Levi: I want another head.
Tim: You want a second head?
Levi: I want to take this one off and put on a different one.
Tim: But i like this one.
Levi: This one hurts. (so matter-of-fact about it, too)

When looking up at the globe we have sitting on a shelf in our living room:

Levi: a ball!

Me: That's right, do you know what shape that is?

Levi: A wrecking ball!

There are dozens more. He likes to pretend to be a racecar, which first involves collecting random items from around downstairs and "stowing" them on Theo's playmat. then he sits next to Theo crouched under the arches of the playmat and makes noises like he's careening around curves and coming to a dangerous stop, while launching himself left and right and sometimes overturning the playmat and/or letting piles of random things fall on Theo....

He's also getting quite good at remembering words from books - we often leave blank spots and he fills in the right details. Recent favorites include the Little Blue Truck, The Very Busy Spider, and Frog and Toad are Friends.