Sunday, October 20, 2013


Levi has been saying some hilarious things lately, and I've made a concerted effort to send myself emails whenever I'm laughing about something he says :)

When reading the book "Goodnight Ocean" with all sorts of animals in it, he turned page after page quickly shouting "shark! shark! shark!" Apparently our trip to the aquarium in September when he spent a good half of the time staring at the sharks made a major impression!

The other night, Tim was putting Levi to bed and they were naming body parts - Tim identified what a nostril was. When Levi came downstairs to say goodnight to me, he said Goodnight Mommy, and Goodnight Mommy's nostrils.
Pancake Sandwich!

We spend a weekend with some of my family visiting, and made the drive to a local-ish wildlife park. They had all kinds of cool animals like tigers and bears and alligators, along with a big game area with all kinds of big-horned cattle and different deer and elk. Some of the large-animal areas had a tiny moat around them with Koi swimming in them, and Levi spent more time looking at the fish than he did at the tigers and bears and peacocks nearby.

While Levi's OK with animals in cages, he's not so great with animals that can come close to him. Even kittens freak him out :) His cousin Josiah has a couple of hermit crabs, and when Josiah took the tiny one out to show us, Levi kept shouting "Put it back! put it back!" But, while we were visiting the animal park, Levi was a big brave boy and petted a little goat, and even sort of fed the little goat also!

Levi regularly makes random creations with his toys, and recently he made what he called a "tractor bracelet" - a string of mardis gras beads with a couple of his toy tractors hanging from it. He walked around all
Using the computer like mommy and daddy
proudly carrying it, ha.

Tim's been growing a beard for the Red Sox playoffs (boo for beards. But Go RedSox, nonetheless). He was shaving the outside edges one morning, and when Levi came downstairs to get ready to go, he was stroking his chin and said "Mommy, no whiskers."

Levi is trying more and more to play with Theo, though we obviously temper it. Theo waves his hands around constantly, and the other night Tim suggested that he wanted a high-five. Levi enthusiastically grabbed Theo's hands and gave him high-fives over and over again - he was SO excited.

While I was showering last week, I heard Theo start yelling in his crib. I asked Levi if he could give Theo a paci (the crib is still pushed up against our bed with a half-side). When I got out of the shower, Theo was still crying with the paci near his shoulder, but he had three different stuffed animals piled on top of him :) Way to go Levi, trying to help your brother calm down.

Levi also wants to be like his little brother sometimes - the other day I put a hat on Theo before we left for school, and Levi suddenly went running upstairs. Seeing as it took me a good ten minutes to make him come downstairs, I hollered up to him, but he was already coming back down the stairs - with one of Theo's knitted hats stretched onto his head.

The other night, after Levi had gotten his hair cut, he was touching Theo's hair and saying "Theo has hair, Levi has hair!" I told him good use of his deductive powers :) Then he said "Theo has curls, Levi have curls!" I said "Good job!" Then he touched Theo's ears, and said "Theo has ears, Levi has ears!" And theeeeen I cut him off because it was bedtime, and, well, that could go on for awhile.

My children are as nonsensical as the rest in any ways - this morning, Levi drank three bowls of milk. Sans cereal. he just kept asking for it in his bowl, even though he had a cup nearby...also with milk in it. At the same exact time, Theo was having some very happy moments - so much so that he couldn't stop smiling at me and eat his (second) breakfast. Seriously. As happy as it makes me to have a smiley little man, it was a bit annoying because I'd timed his meals perfectly to be before
and after church.

Levi has started to connect things he knows from one arena into another - one of our favorite books to read is SkippyJon Jones, who loves rice and beans. Today, I had given Levi a cookie for being such a sweet boy and letting us sleep in this morning while he played in his room. It was just a plain sugar cookie. When I gave it to him, he licked it, and then said "Yum! Rice and beans!" ha!

One of Levi's favorite books right now is a Thomas the Tank engine book where an engine falls in a bridge accident, and has to go for repairs. Levi interrupted the story and said "shake it off!" - I couldn't quite realize what he meant, and then I realized he was pointing to the engine that had taken a tumble, and when Levi trips or falls, we always say to shake it off. Good application of a life lesson Levi :)

I asked Levi what the lesson was at church today, to see if he could reiterate it to me. he wasn't sure, and he
was playing with a truck, so I figured he wouldn't answer. More than five minutes later, he pops his head up and says "Joseph!" We couldn't figure out why he was saying that name, but then we realized he must have been paying attention earlier...ha. he also kept saying "ouchie" - because the lesson was on how God takes care of us, and as an example, like your parents take care of you when you get an ouchie.

Levi also had a great day at swimming lessons yesterday - he swam around all by himself with a noodle under his arms, kicking his legs and paddling with his arms. Very exciting!

Theo is doing very well in daycare - the teachers put "looked around and smiled a lot" on his what he did that day sheet. He's getting on a decent schedule in the afternoons and evenings - a longish afternoon nap and going to bed around 9 p.m., which is perfect. He likes to watch Levi and loves to chat with people :)

Thank you Grandma for staying with us while mommy worked!

Watching game six!