Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birthday and More

Auntie Sammie while watching a mud and monster truck
show at The Buck in Southern Lancaster County. The first
of many birthday celebrations :)

Birthday balloons for the birthday boy!

Picnic in the park with the ducks and some turtles. 

Nascar cake!

Nascar cake four seconds after Theo managed to grab some
frosting and stuff it in his mouth...

He's 4, btdubbs. He tells every single person he meets that.
As a greeting. 

Distraction present for non-birthday boy!

Corduroy. Awwwwww. 

Red sox shiiiiiiiirt!!

Mommy did a mud run!

Levi managed to run most of the mud run as well, and minus
the obstacles, came out a lot cleaner. 

Mother's Day photo op. Or...attempt. 

Riding the bus for Touch a Truck day!

Just driving this 'ol excavator

Pretending to drive!

Dump Truck

Mommy, Dandelions are the prettiest flowers

Theo driving hard. 

Levi operating his own excavator! Took the soccer ball
off of the cone, and then dumped it into the tire!