Monday, November 29, 2010

18 weeks - what???

Hello friends and family,

So tim and I aren't generally over-gushy about our lives, and I feel that since so many of you live far away, you must be just waiting for updates from us, which we fail to provide regularly. Until now, our lives have been mostly uneventful aside from major life changes like jobs, but other than that relatively stable.

However, the days and weeks of pregnancy leading to an entire life upheaval of a newborn and first child is certainly a rapidly changing state to be in, and y'all deserve to be a part of it, even if only through a blog!

Sadly, I don't have any photos yet. My tummy is in that " she just getting fat?" stage - I think I've put on about 8 pounds total. enough to tell now at my waistline but not enough so that it looks out of place or uncomfortable. If I stand face to face with Tim, my tummy touches him first though, just by a hair :)

On a hilarious note, my boss at my Full Time Job, Hospice, who is the sweetest, most respectful, unnassuming and clear-headed executive I've ever known in my decade of administrative assistant work repeatedly reminds me that any weight I put on now will be hard to lose later. I confess, about halfway through my first trimester, I had a cinnamon bun for lunch - the first time in three years I've even eaten a cinnamon bun at all. Since then, it doesn't matter what I'm eating, could be veggies and rice, could be some fat and sugar free chocolate pudding, could be gingerale - she'll comment about how that weight will be hard to loose later. Maybe my chunky sweaters make me look chubby....

We're startign to discuss both serius and not-so-serious items to do with baby. Serious? Writing a will and who will be the guardian, back-up guardian, and executor of our very small estate should anything happen to us. Not so serious? Tim wore the baby bjorn I bought for $14 at a consignment store for an entire evening. He put my sugar canister in it to test for weight and size, and walked around like that for four hours. yes.

Our nursery has been in the works since early Octber, and I believe will be complete before Christmas -- that will give me a photo to post! We're painting the small bedroom on our second floor a pastel orange color, very pale, with a white chair rail and vertical 1" stripes around the bottom half of the wall. I'm super excited about it! Our floors we refinished a couple of years ago now during a back-breaking weekend, and Tim has already installed a new ceiling with light fixture for the baby's room. We bought a very nice crib from Craigs list for $50, which I'm very proud of, and will be hitting up Ikea for other items in the coming weeks.

We've already received some fun gifts for Dwight - including ankle rattles and hand-made noah's ark wooden animals from the illustrious and ever-impressive Julie White, promised hand-me-downs of bouncy chairs and bumbos from Krista and/or other friends, and a couple of snuggly jammies from Kara and Matt. Mostly all of those because we've already had the White family Christmas :)