Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Sox boy

So my baby no longer looks like a teeny newborn. Not just because of his size (somewhere north of 11 pounds now) but his face has been changing from the tiny baby (confused about all that is happening) look, to his own facial expressions and features that look more and more like Tim. He's also getting quite long - too long for the bassinet on his pack n' play, and almost ready for his three month clothes, right on time :)

We've been working on holding toys and other things. He's good at grabbing fabrics laying nearby, or my shirt/neck/necklace/hair, but not so great with solid objects yet. We're using Nannan and Papa's wooden animals for practice!

Levi also sported his first Red Sox gear, courtesy of Auntie Kara. He did spit up several times and had to be changed almost immediately, but we'll take that as a sign of his excitement about Red Sox Nation. I'm sure Joe Castiglione already narrates his dozing moments, as he does mine, from hearing him on the radio day after day after day, I mean, I enjoy it, listening to baseball games for three and a half hours every night....

I may have mentioned this before, but Levi has become a champion spit-upper. I keep finding random spots in our house covered in spit-up that I forgot to clean up (forgetting is one of the things I do best these days). On the floor outside his room, on our (luckily leather) couch, on his little playmat on the floor, on my shoe...
We actually had another real-live puke incident again last night. He spit up a little bit after eating quite a large dinner, and then it. just. kept. coming. I literally just held him at arm's length and pointed him away from me (standing on the lower landing of the stairs) as regurgitated milk covered the floor, baseboards, me, him, yes. everything. And then hilariously, while I dashed upstairs to strip our now soaking wet outfits, Tim appeared and laid paper towels down on the stairs. (Anyone seen that clip from Big Daddy where Adam Sandler just lays down newspaper wherever the little dude spills something??) In Tim's defense, he was in the middl of cooking dinner and couldn't really be out of the kitchen, but it was pretty funny to walk down the stairs and just see paper towels covering up the mess everywhere. And that, is reason #465 why we will always have hardwood floors, people.

Well, today was my first day back at work full time. This was semi-eventful for Levi, as it was his third day at Daycare and it's becoming more routine for him. But it was most eventful for me, for several reasons: a) I accomplished getting Levi fed, dressed, changed, diaper bag together and in his car seat, myself up, dressed, make-up ized and work bag put together, all of the items put into the car and me and my 4" heels walking Levi out to the car, to daycare, and to work on time. I didn't get to my desk until 8:07, but it was a valiant effort, I think. It was also eventful because i actually put in my notice today at my full time position - I'll be transitioning into a role as a writer for a local publication, which is super exciting.

looking at auntie Krista"s mobile
But back to Levi - he survived Daycare the first day, but seemed a bit out of sorts while he was there, probably from the lack of familiarity. He slept only in short, 20-minute bouts a handful of times, and wouldn't sleep when he was put down in his crib (which has never happened to me before). The second day, yesterday, went MUCH better they said, he took a two hour nap around lunch, ate well and went for a little walk! Everyone says that he is the sweetest little boy, which I think so too!

Levi"s dedication
He's getting into a very regular sleep schedule from about 8 p.m. onward: Thursday he slept from 3:30 - 4:10, then again after we got home from 5:15 until 6:45 or so, and on and off again until 8 p.m., so I was afraid that he wouldn't go to sleep at his normal bedtime between 8 and 8:30. However, not the case! He fell asleep shortly after 8 and didn't move until after 11 for his next feeding. I won't mention his sleeping habits for the rest of the night so as not to make other parents want to smack me, but sufficcient to say that he's a great sleeper :)

And just for entertainment purposes, Tim and I did consider  doing this for Levi's dedication instead:

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