Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the move...we think

Levi is on the move...sort of.
(I know it's sideways... I'll fix it later)

He regularly gets all four limbs under him in crawl-ready position. He usually backs up a couple of steps, maybe moves forward one, and then flops on his tummy. He doesn't seem to understand that this crawling thing can actually get him somewhere. But who wants to crawl when they can be carried around by mommy, right?

Along with the crawling, Levi can get from sitting up to laying down and vice versa. He sometimes also grabs onto things to try to stand - he's only ever gotten to his knees, but it's the thought that counts.

All this predicated moving his crib mattress down, we've not done so since he moved into his crib around 10 weeks old. He's never sat up or tried to get out...until now. This week he was supposed to be napping around dinner time, and we heard a banging coming from his room. He was sitting up, wrapped in blankets, kicking the crib  slats and laughing about it :)

I think I mentioned last post that Levi's been a bit of a teething monster - he has three teeth now, and at least three others right at the surface of his gums. We've almost used up one little tube of Orajel, which numbs his gums. We've also been rotating pacifiers in and out of the freezer, because the rubber freezes nicely for chewing and relief on his little swollen mouth.

He's also been waking up at about 5:45 every day. This could partly be from our neighbor's car that is obnoxiously loud, which he turns on and lets idle every morning around that time. Either way, 5:45 is not time for breakfast or time to be awake yet. Some mornings he'll wail for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. Other mornings we have to convince him to go back to sleep with a frozen paci to soothe him. And still other mornings we've found that if his gums seem to hurt a dose of Tylenol will put him back down until it's a reasonable hour.

Levi has been acclimating to some table foods. He's tried some carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, pasta... I think that's it so far. He also tried his first hard food today -- cheerios. He made a funny face because unlike all the other foods he's tried, it's not very mushy and doesn't dissolve like the puffs cereal we give him.

For those wondering, his hair is looking less reddish than when he was smaller, now it's straight tow-headed blonde. His eyes are a bright blue and he looks more and more like Tim every day - though a few people here and there have told us he looks like me, which I don't see.

The boy is also making more noise than ever- no definitive meaningful words yet, but he's getting there. I call him a baby dinosaur, because that's what he sounds like with all of his squeaks and squeals.

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  1. Your tag line is 100% correct. He IS the cutest boy ever!! I miss him! He is getting SO big! And I have to tell you I absolutely love reading about how he is growing up--too fast!