Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jazzercize and Jabberwocky

Levi. does leg aerobics.

I've known this for quite some time - we've called him "kicky boy" since he was practically a newborn. But his leg exercises have now taken on a much more regular rhythm.

Particularly when he's nursing , he'll do leg raises just like in an old '80s workout video. He also does yoga poses (downward dog-style), when we try to have him stand and walk, he does a little jig, and at any time when he's sitting with his legs hanging (high chair, holding him on my hip facing out, grocery store cart) his legs are constantly swinging :)

So hopefully when he realizes us holding his hands while he's standing is actually because we'd like him to try this thing called walking and not just to dance, his legs will be tones and sleek and ready for it. Maybe I should get him some legwarmers!

Levi also has become very, very talkative. Not that he's saying any particular words yet, though his sounds strung together sometimes sound like words. He will chatter to himself nonstop most of the time. If he wants something, he'll just talk louder until we figure out what it is (usually more food).

Tim tells him "No sprechen sie baby" but Levi just laughs and laughs like he's got his own conversation going and its funny that we can't understand him. Sometimes we make up phrases he might be saying - this morning he was chowing down on some puffs, sitting between us while we dozed in our bed. And he started yelling and gesturing. It sounded like he might have been saying "bring me my robe and slippies!"

Last weekend we headed to New England to see most of my family, as my brother was nearby for the weekend at Eastern Nazarene College. Levi was much better on this trip than he has been the past roadtrips we've done - he slept or played very well most of the time, which was great. and he was good about sleeping at night and still napping during the day and eating whenever and wherever we were at the time. yay!

In other news, we'll be headed to see Tim's extended family across the Atlantic in about a week, and prayers would be appreciated as we take an almost one-year-old with us!! You'll hear all about it once we're back, with I'm sure many photos.

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  1. He's gonna be a dancer!!! Totally will learn through music. I hope you have a ton of it blasting all the time for him :)