Monday, May 28, 2012

Levi, coming soon to a 5K near you

We've adapted the style of photo blogs recently, which are entertaining to say the least with Tim's captions. However, I must confess that somehow in the past couple of weeks we've completely failed to take photos. I tried to grab some yesterday but Levi kept crawling toward me and grabbing at the lens.

There have been a few major changes in our lives recently. Levi has been practicing standing without holding onto anything, and now seems to understand the concept of walking - we dashed around Lowe's today with me holding his hands and he taking big leaping steps. He might be running before he gets to walking...

However, my life seems to have gone into the opposite direction. I lost my job this past week unexpectedly, via  some staffing changes from a new editor. I've been, well, devastated. Both the jobs responsibilities and flexibility were a great fit for me, and I so loved being able to write full-time. So, in the meantime, I'll be staying home and taking care of the little man while I look for another job. For those wondering, I will be looking for something full-time, though when our family is bigger I might go part-time. I love the regular schedule of going to work and living a professional life matched with my family life.

But back to Levi :) I can't remember if I've posted that we've discovered he does not have a milk allergy! At his one-year appointment, his doctor said that if I've been eating cheese, ice cream and the like and feeding Levi, and he's had no reaction of any sort, then he's not likely to be allergic. So we've been having milk every day with every meal, and eating up yogurt, which he loves, and cheese sticks, and of course the cupcakes for his birthday. He does not like ice cream at all though -- he insists on trying it whenever I'm eating it but puckers his mouth because its cold whenever I let him try any. Ah well, more for me.

He came out in about the 10th percentile for weight, at 18.9 pounds, just under the 50th percentile for height at 29 inches. No worries about his weight, he's just a skinny man who started crawling right around the time he started to get meat on his bones.

Levi's also become quite the babbler. He has entire conversations with himself and I wish I knew what he was saying :) He also plays catch with himself. He throws his little plastic balls, they bounce a little ways away and then he crawls over to get them. He also has started to climb up on things - the hearth (and not know how to get down), and the first step at the bottom of the stairs. Oy.

Also, as the humidity thickens, his hair gets curlier and curlier. Though he looks like Tim, he's got my brother, Patrick's, little blond curls :)

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