Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Woah woah woah. woah.

 Levi has begun his verbal word collection with the rather quirky "uh-oh." Granted, he uses this not entirely appropriately, generally after chucking something across the room or taking his shoes off on purpose. He thinks he fools us....but we know better (that's truly entering parenthood, no? When your child spends his life thinking he pulled a fast one, but you're miles ahead of them. My mom literally knew what every single one of her children were going to do before they did it. 24 hours a day.)

So far other semi-recognizable words include "ca-kro" (or, cracker, for the visual learner), "ah-Day" for Daddy, and my personal favorite "Woah woah woah." I taught him that last one. Its what I say when I'm chatting with him/playing/changing his diaper/entertaining him on car rides, and can mean anything from "stop what you are doing and put your hands up!" to "that made me laugh" to "I'm stronger than you, and you know it." Its the intonation of such a tiny person saying things in exactly my tone of voice.

We're also trying to teach him rather grand vocabulary -- starting with "incontinent." Early potty-training here. 

We also have moved both forward and backward on the food front. I think I mentioned before that he's good on peanuts, and eats graham crackers with peanut butter just about every day. But we've narrowed down a slight reaction he had one time to Mott's cinnamon applesauce. And since he eats both apples and water all the time, he might be allergic to either high fructose corn syrup, or cinnamon, the only other ingredients. (mom, that's what the rash on his face was that night you were here). So we're going to experiment...on our one-year-old. Healthy family life, right? And talk to his doctor, don't worry.

Little engineer, hard at work
Levi had a lovely visit with my mom, or Grandma, about a week ago. We played in the park, ate lots of food, and Levi napped :)Then then next day we went to the science museum in Harrisburg, which was pretty small but incredibly interactive. I've decided I would like to be a Foley artist. When I retire. They add sound effects to movies - I practiced adding them to a scene in Julia and Julie. It was so exciting that yes, I had to tell you about it on a blog about my son :) Levi had a grand old time, both in the section specially for under 5s (how awesome is that??!) and in the regular area for kids and adults too - many buttons to push, chairs to sit on, etc.

Simulated hurricane at the science museum.

And we can't close this blog without a friendly trans-Atlantic wave to Grammy, Grandad, and the rest of the Besant contingent. We are with you in spirit, particularly the spirit of Levi's new red galoshes (Thanks Auntie Krista!).

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