Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are you still there smiley?

We're working on more sign language, since Levi is starting to use the few he knows regularly. He uses more, all done, please, and now thank you pretty often (sometimes it takes prompting). Also: touchdown. We're working on "help" next. And we're also working on using our words - mainly to say "mama" if he needs something, rather than whining or yelling.

We're also still working on identifying body parts. So far he's pretty good at eyes, nose, and occasionally ears. And of course - his belly. If you ask for his belly he'll lift up his shirt like a good little streaker for you.

Levi has fully entered the gaping, confused look photo stage. He still smiles regularly, but the moment the camera is turned on him bam. slack jawed, vacant eyes, wondering where exactly he is and what exactly he's doing.

He'll spend hours (well, OK, minutes, but he's only a year and a half old, so minutes are kind of like hours) playing with a piggy bank. Putting the coins in one by one, then taking out the rubber plug and starting all over again. Thanks Nannan and Papa for the England present.

We got Levi his own monster slippers for Christmas (Tim's family did Christmas the day after Thanksgiving this year), because he's constantly taking ours off our feet to play with. He loves them :)
 Best we could do for a semi-smiling photo. Thanks for the super cute vest, Auntie Kara and Uncle Matt!

You can't see it in the photo, but Levi's three older (boy) cousins are all playing in the leaves in front of him. He loves to play and hang out, but when he's first getting used to people, he'll just stand and stare for awhile. Like so.

Remember when most of your time as an older sibling was spent keeping the younger kids OUT of your PERFECTLY CONSTRUCTED Legos? No? Just me then? Or - if you're more like Tim, remember when your days consisted entirely of food, cartoons, and Legos, with the occasional short trip to school as an interruption? Anyway, Levi discovered Legos over the holiday weekend. Or rather - when you hit them, they fall apart. He dutifully said "uh-oh" every time, however, that does not translate to actually being sorry.

Playing with Papa and Nannan's brilliant present (more below). He opened that one first....and was pretty content to play with just that one for the rest of the gift opening :)

A toy which entirely involves opening and closing doors after you figure out how to unlock them? Maybe Levi will have a career as a safe cracker and be in a future Italian Job movie!

Reading his new noisy book with Nannan! Levi actually picks out his own book every night and sits quietly in my or Tim's lap to read it.

Maybe on the way to a smile? Maybe?

Levi likes to do all things mommy and daddy do - including dishes, cooking, putting things away, brushing his teeth, etc. I may have had to use three towels to soak up the water on the floor after this last bout of washing the dishes.

Photo bomb by chef Timmy at the end!

Thanks to Auntie Krista for taking marvelous photos in general.

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