Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then there were words

Levi is talking up a storm these days - and of course he's got the same inflection we have. He was putting something into place on a toy the other day, and he said "there you go!" which is what we always say when he's figures something out. When we say "say please" or "say thank you" he often answers with those words,
but they're in a sentence of other words that we don't quite understand yet. He also now will repeat just about everything we say - when reading, when talking with him, when pointing out something (yellow truck, brown doggie, etc.) that he might be interested in. It seems like a flood of words all the time, especially because he narrates most of what he does anyway - while eating or playing or reading. He even says his name, though with no L sounds and no V sounds, its more like "weyi"

He also likes to figure out how things work - recently, somewhat to his detriment, as he stuck (baked) beans up his nose one night at dinner. I couldn't stop laughing, because it does seem so logical - here are two are two items about the same they must need to go in said holes. Tim covered his mouth and Levi sort of sneezed them out, and we chastised him, but i don't think it had much effect, because about a week later it happened again. We didn't realize it until I looked at him, and his eyes
seemed to begetting red, and he was sticking a finger way up his nose - then he sneezed and they popped out, but that time he got a strict talking to and an immediate time-out, so hopefully that does not become a habit.

We traveled to spend time with Tim's family for Easter, and put hot wheels cars instead of candy in his Easter basket. The packaging was just about as popular as the cars, of course - he spent awhile on the drive home playing with the eggs, opening and closing.

We spent an evening in the local science museum on Friday night, and Levi was ecstatic to play with many of the games. particularly ones with bangs or crashes.

Hopefully, spring has finally sprung here, so we'll soon have pictures of being outside!

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  1. Oh my goodness he is getting to be so big and grown up!! I can't take it! And he looks alot like Pat now! I can't wait to visit and have a chance to chat with him :) Miss you all!