Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Curls, Dimples, and of course, Trucks!

Aaaaaaand I have had a muy productive evening, which is rapidly declining into approaching a comatose state of exhaustion before 8 p.m. Thus, the bulleted post:

Pre much-needed haircut
Touching the inside of a big tire at a local truck show
  • Levi takes showers now, at the grown-up age of 2 years and three weeks. This is funny both because of his tiny size and because at 28 years old, I still hate water running over my face. I would take baths if I had  big enough tub and it was more efficient. 

  • Speaking of genetics, Levi likes to sleep with as many pillows as possible, often covering his head.body. As do I :) Tim came in the room after checking on him the other night and said "how is that sort of thing genetic?"

Wearing daddy's flip flops
  • We're trying to teach him to kick a ball - but he mostly likes to throw it. Aim and precision....not so good yet. 

  • He has taken to calling me anything but Mommy, or nothing at all. When we go around saying our names, he says his own, he says Daddy, and for me he just giggles, or says daddy, or says gibberish. Apparently this is a family trend, as I was known as "Uncle Holly" for quite some time to my nephews.

  • Levi can climb all around the playground all by himself now without a hand up or needing someone waiting at the bottom of the slide. 
Making pancakes with mommy on mother's day
  • His big-boy room is nearly done, including some fabulous prints from Despicable me and quotes from Harry Potter. really, his big-boy room is about his parents getting to have fun with kid decorations :)

  • I think I've said before that Levi will often repeat what we say. Tonight I was giving him a mini lecture after he slapped my hand when he didn't want me to do something. We had to talk about how he needs to use his words, and that even if he does use his words, sometimes the people in charge (mommy, daddy, Miss Tasha at school, etc.) will not simply do what he wants, although we will listen to his words. He kept repeating key phrases out loud "Mommy's the boss," "you're in charge," etc. I wish I'd taped the audio to play back to myself for...the next 20 years or so. 

  • Levi has great diction for some words - no trouble with "fork," or even "downstairs." However, Tim tried to teach him to say "crocks" ....which didn't go as well. I insistently now only call them "black shoes." But sometimes he uses the other word...
These are like purses, right? 

You can go UNDER the truck??!

Strawberry ice cream = Levi's new best friend

Got my juice, one hand on the wheel....
Tuckered out after seeing all the trucks

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