Monday, July 1, 2013

A big room for a big boy

I think Levi is getting taller every day. Even though my belly is also (by appearances) getting lower every day, pretty sure his head has moved a good deal higher in recent weeks. His big-boy bed -- most recently occupied by one of my 6' 2" brothers -- when stretched out he's a good half of the length of it. We spent some time this weekend with a good friend of mine who measures at close to 5 feet, and as she phrased it "He's half as tall as me. Levi is now half a Brittany."

Although some of it could be his (super cute!) curly hair, which, I confess, I let grow long before we cut it uber-short again because it's just so darn adorable.

First, something I've been forgetting to do for a couple of months now: a tour of Levi's big-boy room.

Confession: His room is mostly decorated with things that mommy and daddy like ...
One of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter, along with Tim's Roger Clemens
and dinosaur cross-stitch from when he was little. 
A car rug is one of the necessary accouterments for any little boy's
room, especially one who is obsessed with anything with wheels 

The minions from Despicable Me - perfect for a room that will eventually
be shared by two brothers. determine which will be which...

My brother Shawn carved this little block and it fits perfectly on Levi's headboard

Tiny shoes!

Do these trucks take up half a wall? Yes, yes they do. They're Tim's from when he
was smaller (though, truth be told, he still plays with them) 

Are the chairs pink and purple? yes. 

Apropos for a two-year-old, no?
Cars. 'Nuff said. (Levi says "thank you for cars" most nights during prayers. And
also shouts "Yightning Queen!" and "Mato!" most mornings)

The owl theme is pretty much because I think owls are cute. 
Levi's quilt from Nannan has trucks and trains and all sorts of colors. 

And now, for the Levi pictures, of course :)

We spent the last three weeks building a fence. Which Levi was clearly handy at doing  :)

At the Barnstormer's (minor league) baseball game in his tiny chair

Apparently, sitting in the pool and splashing around is not on the agenda when you're two.

Truck + pool = awesome.

Climbing ladders also = awesome

Levi helped mommy paint several of the posts. With no pants on.

blowing bubbles at the (very foggy) beach

Brittany wanted to build a castle. Levi wanted to crush all structural development
Then Brittany dug a hole. Levi checked its size against his...head.


  1. I love his room! We have the same car mat here. :)

    1. Thanks! My two younger brothers always had a car mat in our house growing up - useful for years and years :)