Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Early Days

Life has been moving somehow both quickly and slowly - I've only got two and a half more weeks until I go back to work part-time; yes a lot of the moments during the day seem frozen, whether it's because Levi isn't listening or Theo is doing something cute (or vice versa).

M/W/F, Levi is home with Theo and I all day. In the morning we do chores and Levi plays while I take care of Theo, and then late morning we try to go somewhere like the library, the park, peach picking or just a long walk. Then its naptime for all! and then Daddy comes home and we often go for an evening walk. After Levi goes to bed, Theo generally hits his witching hour from 8 - 10 p.m., so Tim and I take turns calming him down while he fusses and struggles with his tummy troubles.

We're working on pronouncing words correctly with Levi,which has led to him repeating us regularly, down to the exact inflection, without us meaning him too. It's pretty hilarious when someone parrots a random phrase you've just said exactly as you've said it. Levi has also fallen in love with the library, and LOVES to go out and pick out books. Or, help me find books. We've
also done some walking around town - its kind of nice to live in the city where we can walk to the library, the market, and several parks. Not to mention getting to see dump trucks, back hoes, and gigantic cranes from the construction projects downtown, which are always enthralling :)

Theo is both a very calm baby as well as sometimes a very upset baby. He's got tummy troubles, so sometimes if he has painful gas or acid reflux, he turns all red and screams for a few minutes until it passes. But then sometimes he's all upset already and it's hard to calm him back down for another few minutes. The only other thing that seems to upset him is sitting in the car when it's stopped. Downside of driving around the city, unfortunately. He put on a hefty three pounds since coming home from the hospital, and weighed in at 11 lbs. 1 oz. at his one-month checkup. Because of his tummy troubles, I had to significantly change my diet (never even knew I could or should with Levi!) so now I can't eat most veggies, tomatoes, garlic, or spices. Soooo....I've got carbs, meat, fruit, and dessert. Not the worst thing ever :) Theo sleeps well at night, and five weeks in I finally figured out why sometimes he has trouble sleeping in the early hours of the morning - light coming in from the window onto his crib. A big beach towel put an end to that problem permanently, I hope. (He would go back to sleep after eating around 4 or 5 a.m., but
then he'd be grunting and coughing and hiccuping for 45 minutes or so, which seemed to be the only time that happened. He'd usually stay asleep, but keep me up, or sometimes get so squirmy he'd wake himself up, grrr.) He's started to grin occasionally, but always it seems to be at random things - the curtains or when Levi drives a truck by him.

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