Sunday, January 5, 2014

We had a lovely holiday season - a trip up to Tim's parent's house, freezing cold New Hampshire temperatures, and some fun times with family. The road trips were a bit grueling, but Tim's a trooper and drove late into the night/early morning each way. Theo - not so much of a trooper, but hey, I wouldn't want to sit in a carseat for hours on end either. We had some fun making ginger bread houses, cooking with Nannan, and playing endlessly with cousins. We went candle-pin bowling, a New England-specialty, and Levi had the time of his life :)

We spent New Year's as per our usual practice - in a nest of blanket's and pillows on the living room floor next to the wood stove, watching movies. We rented Turbo for Levi, who was hilariously named Theo, so now we call baby Theo Turbo occasionally :) We had delicious sushi made by Tim, and yep, I went to bed at 10 p.m. :)

Theo's becoming more engaging - he can hold grip toys and manipulate them into his mouth, and loves to hit and kick anything he can figure out how to reach. Or play with noisy things - I gave him a bag of ritz crackers that was mostly empty all rolled up and clipped, and he went to town on it the other night. He likes to play with his friends at school or church during tummy time - chatting and drooling together :)

Levi is starting to connect language he's heard elsewhere with new situations. He started saying "because" when he asks him why he is doing something, ha. he likes to give Theo toys....but he also likes to boss Theo around and tell him which toys to play with when. Ah being the eldest. He got some trucks and airplanes for Christmas that have little screws in them that he can take apart and put back together by himself - LOVES them. He also has at least two dozen new (or used) books from gifts. Two of them he has memorized already (Little Blue Truck and a Chuggington trains book).

And now for the pictures!

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