Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loves about Loves

Despite some pukey-ness in our household this week, it seems like for the moment we've reached a tiny lull in the ever continuing roller coaster of having small children. So this post, I thought I'd share about some of the things we love about out two tiny men.


  • He "asks a lot of questions" according to our friend and neighbor, Doug. Yes, yes he does. I can't imagine where he gets that from ;)
  • He plays pretend ALL the time. Quite often, I'll ask him to repeat something, and he'll say he was just talking to himself. 
  • He likes to help Theo (when he's not trying to be first or take things away from Theo...)
  • He gets dressed all by himself every morning. It's delightful. 
  • He's SO polite. "May I please" is just music to my ears. 
  • He's also so giggly. And loves to be tickled. 
  • He tells me his is the fastest runner and the highest jumper. 
  • He plays hide and seek, but also sometimes while he's hiding he switches to pretend to be a dinosaur hatching from an egg :)
  • He makes up many, many words. Often rhyming ones. 
  • He'll read to Theo. 
  • He can recognize the letters in his first name, and points them out everywhere. 
  • He has a little grin he uses to be charming when he wants something. 
  • He likes to help, and has regular chores. 


  • Loves to read - "book" is one of his oft-repeated words right now. 
  • He has a boisterous belly laugh at just about everything (see video below), combined with a hilarious double chin :)
  • He likes to play "peeksies" or, peek-a-boo, with anyone and anything. He'll use a bib, his hands, a book, a blanket, a sock...
  • He likes to help even more than Levi does. He'll put things in the trash (often dishes that don't belong there....) bring us items from the fridge when we don't need them...and he even went and got me a pair of jeans out of my dresser when I was getting dressed on Monday. 
  • He's what I think is best called "cheeky," that is, he likes to play little jokes on you, like putting a bowl on your head for a hat, or running away giggling when its time to go, or holding food off of his tray like he's going to drop it, but then not and just laughing at me. 
  • Goldfish are his favorite. As in, they elicit dancing, clapping, and shouts of happiness. 
  • He bops along with most any song that's playing in a little Theo-dance. 
  • He can put the dishwasher away faster than I can move. He picks up the plates one by one and holds them out at me like "Mom, why are you standing around??!"
  • He's always up for a hug or a snuggle

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