Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The superman of a husband - sexy voice, project tackler and supporter extraordinaire

So this baby boy has now discovered what I believe is called the pelvic floor. My doc said it's hard to tell how he's positioned in the womb unless you're an expert like she is - especially because even if you think you know where the feet are, they could be tucked underneath him, in front of his face, etc. etc.

However, yesterday, I can tell you how he was positioned - smack in between my hip bones, and I don't mean the ones that poke out a teensy bit at the top of your thighs. I mean down. in. there. very awkward feeling. It wasn't painful at all, but since I don't often feel my internal organs bopping in and around inside my torso, certainly a new experience.

I've decided that the baby responds to Tim's voice. Though he's usually active when I'm first lying down in bed at night, sometimes he'll have stopped moving too much, but as soon as Tim starts talking he's rolling around in there again. Tim has a great voice, but sometimes I wish he'd just be quiet :)

Over the weekend, we had an awesome baby shower back in Massachusetts at my 'rents home church in Uxbridge. I had a great time, and a lot of different people from my past showed up, which was hugely supportive. I hope everyone had a lot of fun - and we received some very much-needed items, from a pack n' play to a changing table pad (thanks Auntie Kara!) to some fun items like penguin booties for the little dude and a Red Sox Fan jersey onesie from Katie Kap.

We've got everything sorted in the living room right now, ready to go to various places - the newly finished furniture, the washing machine, the bathroom/closet (yes I'm serious) for future use.

The reason everything is still in the living room, other than I haven't been home for more than ten minutes late at night before bed, is because our nursery is still....going....

But for good reason. We'll be painting the trim in the room as well to make it nice and fresh, but it's old, peeling paint so Tim is working at scraping and sanding it down to an even layer for slapping on some fresh paint. I can't be anywhere near the area because there's the possibility that one of the two coats of paint is lead-based, as our house is nearly 100 years old, and that's just not safe. So until he finishes his stripping and sanding of that area, not much else will happen. He's been working for hours every evening, which I hugely appreciate!!! Once he's finished though, we'll just have to do a final coat of paint on the trim/walls and then stripe the walls before his dad arrives on Sunday to help us install the new baseboard and chair rail, hurrah!

On a very fun note, I helped my friend, Megan (cupo fisher, cupo fisher, cupo fisher, cupo-) make baby shower invites for my shower here in Pa. last night. it was a) super fun, because i love being crafty but have neither the time or supplies for it usually, and b) productive and with a very CUTE card at the end. I have a photo I'll have to add to this post later.

On the list to do in preparation for baby in the coming days? Breastfeeding class sign-up; childbirth class sign-up; research options for writing a will (software? hire a lawyer? crayon on wall?); and get final approval from my work for my specific maternity leave. I'm 90 percent done with that process, thank goodness.


  1. i you guys need help let me know, i can always take a day off and come to lancaster all day to work too you know.

  2. also, my verification word for my last comment was "rebacome" i think its a sign...

  3. Thanks for the updates and the "shout-out," Holly! Glad you're happy with the changing pad/cover. I'm a big believer in the practical stuff! :)