Monday, February 28, 2011

So baby clothes are hard to fold.

I washed the clothes we received at our first baby shower last weekend, and just finished folding a whole stack of them. I kind of stuck with folding them in half, because they're so tiny. Also, clothes sizes seem to widely vary. I have a stack of onesies already for the 0-3 month size, but they themselves are all different sizes....huh. And if our child is as big as many of our friends' newborns - the 0-3 months will only fit for a few days, maybe weeks, anyway!

I've begun to feel the poor kid have hiccups regularly - usually about twice each day, I think. Sometimes I don't really pay attention. I'm curious as to how tiny infants even get the hiccups - I thought it had something to do with the diaphram in tandem with either the lungs or digestive tract - neither of which are functioning in the womb, as far as I understand it. I feel bad - I HATE having the hiccups and wish I could help the little guy with them.

In the ongoing saga of our baby's room, its....still in progress. Closer, but still in progress. I am happy to report that one of the three walls is completely finished. the other three are...mostly done. We discovered a glitch in the baseboard we bought months ago - namely, that today's baseboard sizes (2" by 8") is actually almost an inch shorter than standard baseboard sizes of, say, 50 years ago. There's not much you can do about that - problem is, we ripped some old baseboard off to do some wiring and throw up a new adjacent to the two older walls on either side, and didn't even think about joint compounding and painting the old walls lower than the old baseboard used to go. So after 11 hours yesterday of painting, painting, painting, and, oh yes, painting (all the trim, attached and unattached, two coats to each, all the stripes we're putting from the chair-rail down, the ceiling, etc.), we realized upon completion of all of our painting that yes, there is literally a 3/4 inch section at the bottom of two of the walls where our new baseboard does not go up to the level of paint on the wall. So frustrating to now have to go through the whole joint compounding several layers, sanding, priming, painting, and striping all over again for what will literally be a 2" section around the very bottom of the wall. So quick, you say, much quicker than joint compounding an entire room! Why yes, I'll reply, thinking how I'd like to throw my glass-half-empty at you.
However, my wonderful father-in-law came for about three hours tonight and helped, along with my brother-in-law, to install about half of the trim in the baby's room. Hence one wall being complete. Check back next week to see if I've retained my sanity and the room is done...

So I tend to buy encyclopedia-like books when I'm researching something. My nursing book is turning out to be a load more than I originally thought - hugely useful, but it takes some focus to get through.

Speaking of reading, I'm having a blast picking up board books for baby boy. Most recent purchase (to get free shipping on Amazon by spending another $4) - Caps for Sale, a Flint family favorite for quite a long time, as I recall. if you one day think to yourself, oh yes, Holly and Tim are having a baby, I wonder what they'd like me to get them? There are only two answers: something off the registry OR a book (look how I held off from my rant about clothes!). I love books, I read voraciously until I turned 22 and entered the real world of 7-day work weeks, home improvement projects and continuing education in the hopes of finding a job that fits my interests. I figure about 25 years from now I'll be able to read for myself again, but until then, I shall do everything I can to inspire our children to!!!

Speaking of things you want your kids to be great at, here's a short list:
1. Making toast. Both my dad and husband are phenomenal at making the best toast, which should be a staple of anyone's diet. I do not possess this happy talent, but have benefited my entire life from theirs.
2. To cook. Clearly a skill I do not have, though I can bake up a storm and follow very simple meal recipes with some practice (see, shiskabobs, spaghetti and pancakes). This, however, is something Tim does with creativity and with always spectacular results, and our children, regardless of gender, will be required to help him regularly and catch the cooking bug.
3. To clean. well. This was a rule in my own parent's house - as soon as you were about 4 years old, you leaned to clean and do it perfectly, and not complain a bit about having to do so. Your chores obviously gradually increased in magnitude, but by golly, my three siblings and I could clean a large house top to bottom in a short period of time given the right tools.
4. To get dirty. yep - one of the reasons I wanted a boy first - I spent 90 percent of my childhood outdoors and I think it's a lost art today.
5. To like roller coasters. Okay, that one was for Tim. I tolerate roller coasters - generally only riding them if they strap you in entirely (feet dangling kind). But I want our kids to have a sense of abandonment, instead of my inherent tension when something is new or different.
6. The Dewey Decimal system. Just kidding, but MAN, I feel like I just barely figured that out before everything went via computers. It took me so long to learn it!!

There's about a million other things to add to this list, including being okay with who they are and not caring what other people think (a big order with today's teens especially, I know), liking a variety of foods and international flavors, swimming like a fish, and so on and so forth. I feel like toast should be first on that list though :)

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