Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The room. is finis.

I have come to say:
The room. is finished.

I think this room literally took longer than any other room in the house, with the ONE exception of the kitchen. Since we entirely gutted the kitchen, that's understandable. However, I think the room is 7 feet by 9 feet, give or take. Which means it should entirely not be that much trouble. I'm thinking its a message of what trouble-making is to come in our tiny little package :)

The room is absolutely stunning, by the way - exactly as I pictured it, which is always nice. It was too dark outside and the little light in our room is not so bright - it's a peachy hue, not too bright, with ivory trim freshly installed. The complementary colors of decor will be greens, browns and off-white, as can be seen in most of the baby items we registered for!

We have no idea where the furniture is going as yet - I'm thinking the changing table by the window just b/c often babies like to look out the window.

In other news: stretch marks have appeared. Still drinking loads of water every day, but I've been gaining weight mostly slowly, with two chunky growth spurts, and those resulted in stretch marks. Which resulted in crazy itchiness!!! I didn't know stretch marks could sometimes be itchy, jeez.

Speaking of chunkiness, some of you might have heard Tim refer to me with endearing names such as "chubbs," "fatso," and the like. I'm sure there are more that are less appropriate. Funny story about that:
At work a few days ago, one of the sales reps for Tim's construction company dropped off a bunch of bright red sweatshirts. as in sweatshirts that you would never wear. They're not even hoodies, they're old man sweatshirts (yes Dad, I mean you). And they were also size XL - which no one Tim works with could even begin to fill out.
Tim, automatically said, "Hey, my wife is huge and preggers, I'll bring one home to her."
He was greeted by that awkward, bated breath silence.
The two bosses he works with most closely (one of whom just had a baby boy two months ago and the other who has three sons under the age of 10) admonished him, saying that he should most definitely NOT say that to me. To which he started laughing and said no, she wouldn't care!
Which is true, I wouldn't. It's not just that I'm insensitive to other people, I'm not a very emotional or sensitive person myself. I know Tim thinks my baby belly is beautiful, and he's comfortable when I threaten to sit on him with my extra weight and I'm comfortable when he refers to me as chubbs. See photo at right for me trying on the sweatshirt!

Tim and I had another conversation last night which may not have gone so well, however.

After greeting me with "fatso," I laughed and said he should be careful or I'll start shoving him around bumper-car style with my belly. He clarified that he doesn't actually think I'm fat, particularly because it's entirely baby belly, no chubby face, arms, legs, or anything else (yet I suppose). My legs aren't a bit swollen and I feel great. He then went on to say that when/if I do actually begin to look a little bigger in other areas, he'd immediately stop calling me funny names because they might actually be true....digging himself a hole in which he could not get out of. So folks, if you notice that he only refers to me by "beautiful," "sweetheart," or other such normal, romantic things, I warn you: I'm looking swollen and uncomfortable.

If you're on the lookout for some nicer, baby-bump photos of me, we had professional photos taken near where we live.

See the link below for a full slideshow of the images: Go to http://www.juliedavisphotography.com/site/#/proofing/ (or proofing from the pull-down menu on my site) and enter "holly" (without quotes) in the password field. 

I think they are QUITE lovely - we purchased a couple to frame!

We have now begun our child birthing classes. So far, we've learned that we should discuss our fears and concerns with each other. Since we are really so poor at communicating in the first place, you can see how this makes us giggle. Also, Tim is now known as the "support person." It's good though, we're discussing the possibilities of options and what can or will happen during childbirth (for example, do I want a mirror to see what's going on? NO WAY).

Tonight? breast feeding class. While I'm excited about bonding with our little one and nourishing him, not sure I'm so pumped about a room full of women discussing our boobs for two hours.

More updates, I'm sure, will be coming soon!


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  1. Ha Ha! Matt was the same way with the names. My favorite was when he simply looked at me and said "moo." Still makes me laugh out loud!