Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Major productivity in the small things makes me happy.

For example, this past weekend we purchased all of the items that are technically "for" the baby, but not items that we registered for. Like a curtain rod for the nursery, a humidifier, a bucket to store away the bathroom cleaning supplies, etc. This was both good and bad: good because I LOVE checking things off of my to-do list. Bad because I HATE shopping with a passion.

One of our stops was at Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase our stroller, which some family members said they'd provide the funding for, and I had a 20% off coupon that the marvelous chain store said they'd accept even though our brand was listed on the coupon as not applying to. We arrived at the store at 5:58, because I refused to have to come out again for more errands at a later date. They let us right in the store, and we even picked up a hand-held massager for labor as well!

Speaking of our stroller, it's amazing. It's orange, which is odd, but we liked it better than the red one or black one they had in the store (and refused to pay shipping for getting a green or tan one). Tim came home and put it together straight away. This baby turns on a dime, is light as air (well, almost), folds up in literally one quick handle pull, tucks away neatly, has marvelous grippy handles and, if I wanted to, I could jog with it, as it is a baby jogger stroller. I will be doing no such thing, but it's nice to know I have the option :)

Tim finished a couple of minor home improvement projects, which I greatly appreciated, including a new sliding shelf in one of our cabinets, an adjusted table top for the changing table, and now a small corner shelf for the wall next to the changing table (okay, not a corner shelf, b/c our walls are nowhere near square, but along the wall). They're all quite marvelous, and so much smaller than all of the regular projects we always do!! Now we just need to put up the decorations on the walls in baby's room!

I also organized the storage in most of our kitchen - mainly because I put new contact paper in our pantry cabinet. I never did it when we moved in, though I can't recall why. But that involved rearranging of much space and several drawers and other cabinets. Which made me very, very happy!

We've also started receiving some random gifts (still stuff on the registry folks, and no, I'm not ashamed to ask!) from various people, which is fun. On Saturday, the folks Tim serves with in his kids ministry at church "showered" us for about two minutes with a.....(drum roll) diaper cake. Yes. You heard that right. Along with a Moby Wrap, which I've been thinking about getting but didn't want to spend the money for, it's perfect!! Kudos to Becky at church who put this marvelous "cake" together for us - it was full of both diapers and a handful of super useful items like a baby towel, washcloths and cotton balls!

List of all the items in the diaper cake
We've also made a template of our will, which we'll instate after baby is born with his official, legal name, etc.and have been continuing our childbirth classes online. We learned all about the stages of labor this weekend, and all the technical, medical terminology for what'll be happening.

Not much else is happening pregnancy-wise for me, other than I'm starting to feel like a whale. I still wear heels every day, and still work out regularly (Denise Austin has good workouts but her voice is hilarious!) - either walking, light step aerobics, biking for as long as its comfortable on stationary bike, dance aerobics or just some prenatal cardio and yoga. I'm looking for good postnatal workout DVDs, feel free to recommend any you know of!

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