Friday, April 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces and Noise and Dirt

HOLY COW - Monday was one month from my due date. It's a few more than 30 days b/c March is a long month, but still.

So I can't sit comfortably at my desk anymore. Not because it's uncomfortable to sit down, but because to sit up straight I have to pull the keyboard to the very edge of the desk since my belly is too large to pull up closely to the desk. This. is a little ridiculous.

Also a hilarious note: I got called for Jury duty. To begin at the beginning of my 39th week of being pregnant. I'm 26, have been a legal adult for eight years, have lived in Lancaster for four of them....yeah. Way to have perfect timing, state of Pennsylvania. My midwife advised against the idea of sitting in a courtroom without 30 minute bathroom breaks in an instance where, if I should go into labor and/or my water breaks, it could be my 15 minutes of fame as proceedings are stopped to haul me out of there. Not what I'd like my one shot at fame to be, frankly. So they postponed the summons until December, thank goodness.

A pregnancy symptom that's been getting worse is that I'm incredibly forgetful. It's getting very, very bad - or at least it seems so to me b/c I've always been very good at remembering all of those small details! I literally left my credit card sitting on a table after a lunch meeting - my lunching companion  had to remind me or I would have walked out without it!!! I also forgot about a regularly scheduled meeting at work yesterday. I've only ever forgotten one meeting in my entire life (professional or otherwise) when I was a senior in college, but yesterday it happened again!

Probably the funniest story of how I've been forgetful/crazy is a few weeks ago while I was doing the dishes, I was also whipping up a grilled cheese sandwich. Our sink and stove are on opposite sides of our galley-style kitchen, so my back was turned. I (obviously) forgot about my sandwich, and after a few minutes, smelled a burning scent in the kitchen. This thought literally went through my head: "Wow, I must have this water temp pretty high just for doing the dishes, it smells like the water's burning!"

Then I about died laughing at myself because that is the most ridiculous thing in the world to think.

As to be expected with only a month left, I have to run to the restroom constantly. It's not so bad, but it is quite amazing how the "hm, I should go to the bathroom," translates immediately to "get up NOW."

I know this is really piece-meal -- that's how my brain functions these days. We're pretty sure we have the name picked out now, and a backup name, and middle names. I never realized what an important decision naming your child is - I always thought I'd just pick my favorite name and be excited about it. But so many things have to be considered! Initials, the flow of the whole name together, if the first name nickname sounds okay with the last name, if you can say the middle name in the "mom" voice and will it scare your child, if you can teach your child to spell said name for their Kindergarten years, etc. For example, we wouldn't pick a one-syllable name because our last name is so short and choppy, or even a name with a one-syllable nickname (pool of names just narrowed significantly!), etc.

We also spent last weekend putting up some decorations in the nursery, yay! See photos below, including our FAVORITE from the wonderful Lynne Randolph who captured exactly what we were looking for!
And our own room, where we added a couple of pieces of art from our pregnancy photos and a recent marriage conference!

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  1. Calvin and Hobbs are my favorites!! That's the best picture/definition. :) Aaannnnddd, I am dying to find out the name you've finally decided on!