Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yes, I'm still here. Or rather, Dwight is still in his womb-room.

We may have stolen Grandma Flint's
puppy quilt for our own bed as the temps
dipped back into the 40s this week :)
We finished the last of the last baby to-dos this weekend, which included setting up the Pack-n-play in our bedroom, as we wont be receiving our marvelous hand-made co-sleeper crib from Tim's dad until sometime after the baby is born. I've been using the bassinet as a magazine holder for now :)

Tim also successfully installed the second car seat base we bought off of ebay in my car. You have to climb in the car and sit on the car seat to use your weight to strap it in as safely as possible - and he came in a little cramped and sweaty from doing that :)

I put up a tiny curtain in the baby's room over the white room-darkening shades and curtains from Ikea. It's got a little caterpillar on it, with tan, brown, orange and blue stripes. Super cute! And it better be, because I had to hand-pin it onto the Ikea curtain and redo it a handful of times so that it fell correctly since it's not actually hanging on a regular curtain rod by itself.

I also washed all the sheets in the house, so family, whenever/however you arrive, you will not have to sleep on sheets that you probably slept on two/five/10 months ago. Now, I haven't made any of the beds again other than ours, but I do HAVE clean sheets. Maybe I'll tackle that tonight....

Some of Grandma Flint's handiwork
More of her handiwork -
I love this bag!!
We've been having some serious downtime, partly because of my own declaration of "no activity whatsoever" for me in an effort to make it until my midwife comes back. So we've just been reading (yay for sitting around and reading things!), watching some Friends or The Cosby Show on Netflix, a movie, or just sitting and talking. Tim did go on a high ropes course and for some zip lining on Sunday with some friends while I went to work (I know, but we're launching a huge project this week). It's been nice to just hang. Seriously, if making two beds is the most on my to-do list, I've got it made. I haven't felt so unproductive in so very long - I've always got an errand to run, a free-lance project to work on, chores to do or exercise to be done. Now I either can't do any of those things (exercise per my own hiatus, most of the chores which are semi-manual laborious) or they're already done (other chores, all free-lance articles until July, and pretty much any errand I can think of). It's a weird feeling. People tell me to enjoy it while it lasts, because obviously my life is about to change, but having not a lot to do makes me feel antsy, not relaxed. Which is probably not a good thing :)

We also hit up a marvelous book sale at Toys R Us on Saturday, where we could use our Babys R Us gift cards - buy one book, get one for FREE! We bought a handful, including a couple of Dr. Seuss (One Fish, Two Fish and Hop on Pop), some nursery rhymes, a Caillou book that was super hands-on, a Curious George collection and a couple more. Dwighty is getting his mother's passion for books if I have any say in it!

No baby activity this week, well, other than his normal kicks and jabs. But no Braxton Hicks or contractions. Sometimes I feel a sharp pain or two, but I'm pretty sure its just him jabbing my insides because it's always in only one small spot, and only happens once or twice. We go to the doc's tomorrow to see where things stand!

And one last photo that I'd love to include here: this is one of Tim's genius ideas. The Ikea furniture we purchased has little handles that constantly jingle when you open and close the doors/drawers. So we put little bumpers on them to silence them :)

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  1. Yayyy!! I'm so excited for little dwighty white to come into the world!!!! :-)