Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swaddling, not waddling

I can't wear my wedding and engagement ring anymore.

This saddens me greatly. I haven't put them on a chain around  my neck,  just because I like to wear different jewelry every day (one of my trademarks at my extremely traditional dress-coded office, I wear 4" heels and big jewelry to make the point that they can't force me to be frumpy even with the severe dress requirements from 1950).

I don't think there's swelling anywhere else, though I certainly have a bit more "padding" than before. Apparently being pregnant does that to you :)

We spent another 9-hour day on Sunday finishing up a few projects, with Shawn Darling's help, including moving the furniture into the nursery. Not only should I not be moving furniture to keep risk of hurtng my back in particular low, I can't really get close enough to a piece of furniture to use my legs to pick it up because of the basketball I'm carrying around in front of me.  We also finished the bathroom trim (yay yay yay!) and re-caulked the tub - it had congealed from getting wet too soon a couple of years ago when Tim caulked it the first time.

Close-up of our striped walls
 I admit, we did move the furniture in the nursery around several times before we figured out how to fit. Having two doors and a window in a very small room, plus the wardrobe, which effectively cuts off the rest of the room when it's in your line of sight because of its depth, made rearranging a bit tricky. You may note the lack of a crib - the one thing you'd think I would already have! It's actually being spectacularly built by Tim's dad, who loves (and does a phenomenal job) woodworking. He'll be making a next-to-our-bed co-sleeper (three-sided crib) which converts into a crib later, and should be marvelous for those first few weeks while baby and I get used to each other's schedules.

The tiny chair Tim HAD to buy at Ikea
 Tim and I have been taking an online childbirth class, and yesterday we learned all about the symptoms of pregnancy - complete with interactive tools like "find the sliver of yellow that represents the bladder being crushed by a baby the size of a watermelon." Tim's favorite part wat the monotonous narrator admonishing ladies to practice kegels so as not to (pause for emphasis and then suddenly switch to the mom voice) wet. your. pants.

This was a little funny as it directly followed the chapter on techniques to relax during labor, and comes right before the stages of labor...maybe they felt like reminder you of all of your pregnancy symptoms was like a calm breath of how easy you've had it before diving into the 24+ hours that labor will be? Who knows.

Crib going where tiny chair is now
I would like you all to know that I don't waddle yet. I would like to think it's because of my good posture, the fact that I still wear heels (flats make me slouch more, somehow, probably because they hurt my feet) and a strong core. I do, however, sit like a man - I literally can't cross my legs anymore. People tell me the baby dropped, but hopefully not into the actual early stages of labor, seeing as I'm at 34 weeks and not the official, no longer premature 36 weeks spot. He has dropped lower than he was before, which my underwire thanks him for :)

We've slowly been accumulating more baby items. Yesterday's purchase (with a 20% off coupon) was our diaper bag - which looks very much like a black briefcase or laptop bag, to Tim's delight. I couldn't bring myself to opt for a pink, green, or even silver purse-looking bag. Not carrying a purse right now probably has something to do with my aversion.

Wooden animals hand-made by my
inlaws for baby boy :)
 We also toured the maternity ward at our local hospital, which especially caters to Women and Infants. I really appreciated knowing the whole process (check in, triage, delivery room, where surgery is located if its needed, nursery, private patient rooms, and of course, where the cafe is located). I've also put together a "Holly's in labor" book for Tim with explicit instructions on what to do, when, who to call, things he needs to know about labor, etc. etc. Phone numbers are even printed in red! The only bad thing about the tour (other than the slight fear of the delivery room that I have) was that the other couple touring with us was a week further along in her pregnancy and looked to be about only half-way! I mean, you could tell she was preggers, there was a curve to her belly, but when you see me, it's like BAM. she's pregnant. I don't even have a basketball in front of me anymore - its a larger ball size than that (beach ball I guess?). I'm fine with it, but it does make me want to smack other people who are hardly showing with only a few days or weeks left to go.

That's all for now. Onto a newborn care tips class tonight!

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