Sunday, August 14, 2011

Legs and the Boy

I have an announcement: The spit up. is gone.

Or, well, to be honest, the spit up is nearly gone, and as Levi has just finished eating while I type this, I'm sure it will return in a karma kind of way with ferocity because of my announcement.

However, the fact remains: seven days ago, Levi spit up what seemed like an entire breakfast shortly before leaving for church. His tummy seemed practically empty, and the shirts of at least four people, including the hardwood floors, his own clothes and possibly my sister's bed were covered in wet, sticky spit up.

But no more. This week he has spit up, if at all, only once each time he eats, and nowhere near the quantities of before. He seems no less happy, so it seems nothing has gone wrong in his tummy, which is good.

In perfect tandem with the lesser spit up, Levi has begun to enjoy being held up in the air like an airplane. Always a poor proposition previously, because no matter how long ago he had eaten, the holder was bound to receive at least some of his last-eaten meal. Levi also used to startle strongly when lifted up into the air even slightly higher than our shoulder height, so we refrained. Now, though, the little man loves himself some faux-flying through the air!

One of his daycare workers announced to me this week that Levi is "very touchy feely," which I at first took to mean that he likes to cuddle, which is true, especially by grabbing at the skin of my neck, but what she actually meant was that he likes to touch things (I used the word tactile. Tim one-upped me by saying he's kinesthetic. Which, we've just discovered by looking at, is not actually a word. BOO YA. One point for Holly, for using a real word instead of a made-up one, to Tim's 561 points standing) It's true, I've always surrounded him with super soft fabrics and the couple of stuffed animals he has are fun to touch because of their soft texture. He actually started holding onto his diaper changing dog (the toy only for diaper changes to make it more fun if he's sad) in the mornings on the way to daycare. We gave him a small blanket on our walk tonight and he spent the whole time playing with it in his hands.

In the park at the play
Levi went to his first two live theater performances this week, though it will likely be many years (read: toddler naughtiness, primary school can't-sit-still, and middle school boredom) before he sees another one. Lancaster is a pretty artsy town for such a small place, and staged a free performance of George Bernard Shaw's "Arms and the Man" in a park very close to our house on Thursday. The performance was nicely done, and Levi either watched, slept or cuddled through the whole thing like a good little boy!

Levi and I also staged a trip back to my parent's house last weekend, and Levi saw my sister act in The Diary of Anne Frank, which he slept through the entirety of. We hung out with my parents, grandma (GiGi), and Pat's girlfriend Sarah, whom we picked up in New Jersey on the way. I'm not sure I'd make that drive again by myself - it took me eight hours each way with stops to feed the man, getting lost a couple of times on the way there, and also having to try to calm Levi a couple of times on the way home. But it was great to spend time with my family. Pat took over carrying Levi's car

seat around for me, and once when he was sitting in the back on the way to church, I told him that Levi doesn't really seem to understand the point of funny faces yet - when I make fishy faces or anything else at him, he just looks at me in confusion. A few minutes later I hear Pat say from the back "huh. I guess it's true."

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