Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to our semi-regular poop and other bodily functions post. I'm pleased to share with you a story that is actually Tim's experience entirely. But first, an anti-poop story!

About a month ago, Tim and I noticed that Levi had stopped pooping. He hadn't been at home, and our daycare records his "activities" each day and we realized it'd been about six days since he had pooped. We waited one more day and then called the pediatrician. Levi hadn't been overly fussy at all during this period, one of the reasons why we didn't notice at first and then waited so long to call the pediatrician. I learned that many little babies do get constipated, which I didn't remember from the 14 pregnancy/newborn books I read.

We gave him a couple of ounces of apple juice, as recommended, and things were back to normal after a couple of days.

Onto the real "juice" of this post (ohhhh gross joke).

Earlier this week, after Tim had picked up Levi at daycare and brought him home (I don't get out of work until an hour later), Levi had a code brown situation. As he was unbuttoning his onesie, certain noises were still erupting from Levi's bottom, so he let the noise continue for a few minutes.

He cleaned up the very large poopie diaper with about ten wipes and stripped his clothes off since it was everywhere. He was about to put the next diaper on when Levi started pooping again! He already had a diaper out but it didn't quite catch everything. It was at this point that Levi stared demonstrating his new skill of reaching down and grabbing onto his upper legs, flailing his arms about and kicking the whole time. Now there is poop on the changing pad, Levis rear, legs, hands, soon to be on his face (from said hands), his clothes. everywhere.

Tim works on getting everything cleaned up a second time, wiping everything down, putting the clothes in the laundry, etc., and Levi, to continue his antics, starts peeing a little fountain all over everything Tim is working on cleaning up! (I'm giggling gleefully as I write this :)

He's never peed on Tim at all before, and only peed on me I think three times, only in the middle of the night when he was a newborn and got upset when I tried to change his diaper.

So that is our official special edition blog. To make it a little less about poop and a little bit about something else, Levi and I like to play a laughing game when I get home from work. I laugh, and then he laughs back, and then I laugh more, and it escalates until we're both giggling. Or, sometimes, he laughs once and then looks away :)

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