Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roll, Tide, Roll

The name of this post is in honor of Jason Mitchell, the student ministry pastor at our church, who SKIPPED CHURCH tonight to stay home and watch the Penn State - 'Bama football game. It is also apropos since we have both rolling and tide in this post!

Last weekend we took the three days to head to my Grandma Norton's house, also known to Levi as GiGi, for some beach, good company and good food relaxin'.

We got in late Friday night and Levi was a doll the whole weekend, minus one freak-out we think caused by constipation (but as you know, that cannot be discussed here ;). Saturday after relaxing for some time, we headed out to the beach at Cupsaugue. The island was recovered from Hurricane Irene, but the wind was still something fierce. We wrapped Levi up in a thick towel and sat watching the waves and reading, perfect therapy! We did the same on Sunday at a bay-side beach instead where the wind was less harsh. Levi did a little standing in the ocean and didn't seem to care one way or the other about his feet getting wet. The water was pretty warm, being early September and all, but none of us got in because the wind was strong enough that we knew we'd be freezing when we got out :)

Levi has also begun rolling himself around a bit. He does it "banana style" as Tim calls it - rather than throw a leg/hip or a shoulder over, he just arches his back in extreme until he rolls to the side. He can only roll from his back to his tummy. If he lands on his stomach for too long he gets mad because he can't roll back over from his tummy.

And now, a loverly photo show!

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  1. He is so cute! I just want to kiss that bare tummy! Love the photo where he's laughing and the one where he's all snuggly and has a little smile. :)