Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Socks, dresses and dressy socks

Levi. Went on his first dress shopping trip.

As I myself have probably been dress shopping only a dozen or so times in my life, it wasn't from a happy habit that I felt like introducing the boy to.

I'm in a friend's wedding next summer and the bridal party got together to try on some dresses at a few locations to see what was most comfortable and fit well. It was a good day, and Levi got passed around among the ladies while we all tried on a variety of cute dresses. Probably one of the few times in his life he'll hang out in a women's dressing room. And good news! We found relatively affordable dresses that have pockets!! Truly a selling feature for me :) I'd like to say Levi's cuteness inspired the better price, but I think the store had a legitimate sale.

In Levi's own wardrobe developments, as the weather has turned cooler Levi has become a pants- and socks-wearing man. I'm not one to overdress a baby - there's a little girl at his daycare who comes in every day with a hairband in her hair, a perfectly matched outfit and tiny shoes on. She even had a belt on today (she's about three months old). I've had Levi in onesies for quite some time. Sometimes I put him in jean shorts too. that's about it. But now comes time for coordination, layers and actually getting fully dressed every day. ah the life of wearing just a diaper and a onesie, you shall be missed.

While getting dressed or into his jammies every day, Levi has begun to use his new rolling talent to flip himself over on the diaper changing table. He banana-rolls sideways and then onto his tummy, and it turns into a game for him to flip him around and the moment he's back to facing right-side-up he flips again. He thinks its quite hilarious, and it's fine because he's not known for the pee fountains (barring Tim's unfortunate experience). Though I'm sure one day my down-to-the-minute morning prep time will be sorely harassed by his antics :)

Shawn, my brother and his favorite nephew
Levi has been perfecting his (for lack of a better term) hand-to-mouth skills. he can hold toys or anything else he gets his hands on and bring it to his mouth to suck/chew on. If he can't get it in his mouth, he just drools all over it with gusto. and if he thinks he should be able to get it in his mouth, like a pacifier he's holding backwards, he gets upset at his lack of dexterity. Considering a few weeks ago he couldn't even grip a toy, I'm sure he'll get there soon.

One of Levi's favorite new activities is "bungabungas." I'd like to have a guessing contest to see how many of you can figure out what that is.

Tim says we should leave it at that and do a video post in a few days with a prize for the winner. Ready, set go: post in the comments or comment on this link on Facebook before Friday at 10:23 p.m. and whomever is the closest to what a bungabunga is will win a prize. the prize will some drool from Levi, or, maybe something better when we come up with it.

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  1. For my guess I'm going with a baby version of Lady Rides, in which you just skip to the gallopy bit at the end, shaking him up and down on your knee and yelling "bunga-bunga-bunga!" Or maybe not. I have no idea, but I'd like to win that awesome prize. ;)