Monday, October 3, 2011

Bubbles and Jammies

Levi is widening his repertoire of funny faces and sounds. This week we noticed that he makes a concerned look by tucking his lips in in a straight line sometimes. We haven't been able to capture it on camera yet. With Auntie Krista, he was also trying to make kissy faces the other night. He's also learned to blow bubbles by making raspberries with his lips. Though as my dad pointed out, he only makes bubbles because he drools so much :)

We've introduced the warm jammies, which he hasn't worn since he was a newborn and needed all the extra layers he could get. Now its 55 degrees every night, so we're into the froggy, monkey, elephant and firetruck jammies, and he looks SO CUTE in every pair!

My whole family came down this past weekend and we had a grand old time buying pumpkins, snacking on fresh apples, eating Tim's delicious pulled pork (which he actually took pictures of, he thought it was so beautiful) and hanging out at a local diner.

We promised you info on what the Boonga Boonga's were, and though it's late in coming, here it is!

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