Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bigger and Faster

Baby Levi is rapidly approaching six months! His six-month birthday will be on Oct. 29, which I think is a Saturday in a couple of weeks. His six-month checkup is this week, so we'll have the official stats update for you next time we blog (I'm going this time instead of Tim so I'll be sure to actually record things like height, weight, etc.).

Levi's most recent new skill is his ability to grab anything mommy is holding. He's not terribly quick yet, but if I'm holding it, then he wants to see/have it. Sometimes its useful for distraction, like part of the menu at a restaurant we stopped at yesterday, other times its trying to rip pages in a book or tilt a glass out of my hand. Hopefully as he gets quicker, so do I!

The older he gets, the more easily he gets bored, it seems. I can't wait until he's old enough so that when he says "I'm bored" I can say "Then you must be wanting to do this chore," like my parents did. We learned to self-entertain pretty quickly. And also to do a lot of household chores, I suppose.

Levi loves to watch us eat. Since its nearly time to start feeding him "real" food (i.e. brown rice cereal) I suppose its only natural, but sometimes its a pain. If he happens to be eating while I'm trying to snatch some dinner, he needs to stop what he's doing to watch me. And, of course, try to take whatever it is out of my hand to put into his own mouth. We're going to hold off until his half-birthday because of the history of food allergies in Tim's family, as is doctor recommended, but I'm thinking he'll at least really like to get big boy food IN his mouth, if not in his tummy at first.

I should mention Levi also moved up in diaper size. He is now officially size two, which for some reason seems so much larger than size ones. He was certainly the weight to move up, but the boy does not seem chunky enough to need larger diapers :) Until we put them on and realize that the leg-holes are much more fitting to his little thighs :)

This is Levi in the morning. We're not sure how he's related to us.
Speaking of weight, while Levi is still by no means chubby, he is getting enough baby fat to brag about a little bit. He's got dimples where his knuckles should be, thighs that almost have a roll in them, or at least a couple of wrinkles down by his knees, and his cheeks are a tad bit round ;)

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  1. He's just soooo stinking cute!! And you know, an easily bored baby often means a smart baby (rapid habituation, psychology blah blah blah, says developmental psychologist auntie). :)