Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy, grabby, toothy boy

A couple of weeks ago now we went out and picked out our Christmas tree with Levi. He looooooves to be outside and enjoyed trekking through the fields of evergreens until we found our perfectly-sized blue spruce.

Levi can move in one full circle. He can also sometimes accidentally scoot backwards, though then he ends up under things sometimes - ottoman, bouncy seat, etc.

Even though he can't move, he has the uncanny ability to both focus and somehow stretch out longer to reach whatever it is he's trying for. He rarely gets impatient - he'll just keep reaching and reaching. Maybe he has inspector gadget arms, because he usually can get his toy after awhile :)

An of course, when he gets his toy, its a party down in here. happy laughing, screeching, and of course, chewing in celebration.

Speaking of chewing, this boy has entered the realms of teething. The first two teeth popped out with no problems other than increased drooling. Now? Most nights he's up at least once, inconsolable, tylenol, orajel, nothing works - even touching his gums to give him medicine makes him scream. Oy.

I should say that he's still very happy at times other than between 2 and 6 a.m. Even when he's rubbing his ears (from pain in his jaw) or a little whingy, we can usually make him smile and he'll chat and play nicely.

Levi is very grabby. We're trying to teach him to be gentle, particularly when touching people's faces or hair. It's impressive to see how he can manipulate objects - he can find his pacifier and put it in his mouth the right way (that was a long time coming!) and he can figure out the best parts of a toy to chew on or how to make things spin or light up.

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