Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swedish Pea Monster

We may have taught Levi to laugh like Ernie.

We used to laugh at him like Ernie when he was teeny tiny, because we thought it was funny. Now he does it all the time, particularly when he's pleased with himself.

Which is most of the time. I know every parent thinks their baby is the best baby, but this kid is so easy going. We had a two-hour photo shoot today for his six-month photos, and he was good right down until the last ten minutes. Even I was more cranky than he was after two hours of traipsing through the woods, posing, trying to make him laugh, etc.

Levi now has two teeth - and hasn't bitten either of us yet, which is great. He does like to chew on everything, of course. We might have let him try to eat a leaf today during the photo shoot. He particularly likes to chew on crackly things :)

He does, however, like to grab things. If it's a toy or object, it's great learning of motor skills. If it's our faces, oh man. Particularly because I'm not so great at keeping his nails short, every morning here's how it goes:

Levi eating while laying down next to mommy

Licking the sweet potato lid to the last drop
Levi stops eating, mommy dozing.

Levi reaches out to touch mommy's face.

Suddenly, Levi's fist closes on her nose/check/chin/eye socket/neck. Instant yell from mommy. scratch on her face for up to one week. Depending on the day, Levi either giggles or cries when mommy yells.

Ah well. We're working on understanding the meaning of the word "gentle."

Levi had his first green vegetable today - peas. It's one of the few vegetables Tim and I both dislike :) He's already made it past the "could be an allergy" for rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. The squash was the worst/funniest face along the way, probably partly because it was the first one he tried after the rice cereal and I tried to trick him by putting the spoonful in right after he'd swallowed one of cereal. He was a champ and has eaten everything we've given him, though he's still not the biggest fan of the squash :)

Speaking of vegetables, Tim has decided that even though Levi is very cute and cuddly, calling him "Sweet Pea" isn't manly enough, so instead he calls him some variant, such as "Sweet Little Pea-Man," "Sweetest of the Pea Folk," or - most commonly - "Swedish Pea Monster."

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  1. Swedish Pea Monster? Hey, that's my grandson! I take exception to that!!! He's way too cute to be a monster...ever if he grabs Mommy's face in a monster like grip.