Friday, January 11, 2013


 Tired. Friday night. No full sentences.

Gave Levi his first lollipop - which he loved, and then we had to follow around cleaning p everything his hands or face touched.

First big play outside snowfall around New Year's.

Watched (for about ten minutes) his first movie, Brave, on New Year's Eve. Might have been sleeping instead - he was under a pillow.

Learned to juggle hangers. Almost.

Says "doggie" incessantly. About every object/live thing. Also makes "ruff ruff" noises regularly.

Also hoots like an owl. 

Learned how to whisper. Does it mostly in the car by himself in the backseat, when we can barely hear him and it kind of seems like the setting for a horror movie.

He knows how to get to the park down the street, and now occasionally walks us there - as in, grabs our hand, and heads in that direction.

Still cries when I vacuum. Probably because it happens so rarely.

Can reach our countertops. Only enough to swipe anything he can kind of see onto the floor - or: the perfect amount.

And to sum up: tonight, after playing nicely with Daddy for about a half an hour, he came over to me, I thought to snuggle before bed. Instead? Yakked all over me, the couch, and the carpet. Glad he feels so comfortable with me.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. 1. The whispering sounding like a horror movie literally made me lol. Had to stifle it, though since its 11pm and I'm reading this on my phone in bed.
    2. Levi already looks older than he did at Thanksgiving. And he looks so much like Tim in the hanger photos!

  2. Such a cutie! Looks like he loved his first outdoor snow playing!!

  3. What a cutie pie!!! Love the facial expressions still, but looks like you're in for a rough "terrible twos" :) Miss you guys! hope you're all well