Monday, January 28, 2013

Tales from the Levi Files

Having a kid gets more entertaining every day. And here are a few examples:

1. Levi has become quite the tidyer. He throws away trash, helps to wipe up his spills and sweep up his messes, and recently, saw fit to put the Kindle in our trash. Tim and I could not find it on a Saturday night, after I'd spent most of the day cleaning. We purposefully bought a bright red cover so we would not lose it as easily as something darker colored - but we couldn't find it anywhere, even after pulling the cushions out of the couch and lifting up the furniture. Tim suddenly thought to look in the trash, which I'd spent a good amount of time sorting mail into, and sure enough, the Kindle was partway down or kitchen trash drawer. So now we keep a close eye on him when he's tidying!

2. Levi fell asleep on the couch the other day - one of only two times he's fallen asleep randomly in his life, not counting long car rides where we may or may not dope him up on tylenol before we leave. And the first time was his first real fever. this time - he took a kind of short nap in the afternoon on Saturday, and while we were getting dinner ready, he asked to sit on the couch and eat some goldfish. I checked on him about two minutes later - and he had passed out cold, it looked like he just slid to the side with his face partially on his snack trap. I had to wake  him up about 20 minutes later to leave for church, and he seemed fine (if disgruntled, of course).

Helping mommy fill out daycare forms
3. One of the chores Levi helps with is putting away the dishwasher - which to him, is a marathon sport. He picks up all the dishes on the bottom shelf faster than any adult I've ever seen, and you need to intercept it quick and put it in the cabinet because he just needs to move onto the next one. He's mostly good at two-handing items, though he occasionally gets overzealous. Ah well. I'll take the excitement about chores while they last. Although tonight, he couldn't reach a couple of dishes that were on the other side of the shelf from where he was standing. His solution? shrug, push the shelf in, close up the dish washer, give it a good couple of pats/dishwasher high-fives, and march away, a job well done, in his mind :)

Best place to be? IN my toy box, of course!
4. "Doggie" is Levi's favorite word. He says it all the time, he makes "ruff ruff" noises almost as often, and in every. single. book we read, he points at every animal (except ducks, which he apparently thinks are worthy of notice also) and says "doggie!" This extends to real a point. Our neighborhood is full of dogs, and when Tim comes home from work after picking Levi up, he'll stand on the sidewalk or porch and shout "doggie" long before the dog gets close, and looooong after he can't see the dog anymore. However, in reality,  he only loves the concept of doggies. If one gets to close, he shrieks and lunges at us, shaking like a leaf. and won't stop sobbing for an equally lengthy amount of time (one exception: when he got his haircut at our friends' house - I think maybe because he was in a chair high off the ground and away from the little poodle mix mutt). He's also terrified of our/any vacuum  and won't even be in the same room as one without freaking out.

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  1. I swear he looks twice as big already as when we left Lancaster a month ago! He'll be a totally different little boy by the time we return in May!!