Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snapshots of Levi

So I think Levi is better at cleaning up our house than we are. He won't leave until the bathroom (by the front entrance) door is closed, he is very careful to put the tiny toys in the tiny toy bucket, the big toys in the toy box, and the kitchen-related toys in the kitchen toys drawers. Drawers and cabinet doors should be closed before going to bed, and shoes should be put away.

A couple of nights ago, as Levi was closing a cabinet drawer (one of my ongoing pet peeves in our kitchen, as my fabulous cook of a husband rarely closes any cabinets after he takes something out of them), Tim said "Levi, you sure know how to make Mommy happy."

True story. Anything from making a monkey sound when he, in fact, sees a stuffed monkey (Tim: "of course you know how to make the sounds of your kin, Levi"), to repeating words more and more often, shouting "cheese!" gleefully, or clapping in time to Tim's rendition of a song from Skippyjon Jones. Levi loves to dance to music, and tends to clap at the ends of songs.

Of course, he is still a naughty almost-two-year-old at heart, so he spends his fair share of minutes in time out, has to clean up his own messes, and generally making me want to pull my hair out (See: "playing" with dinner so that it ends up covering his entire body, high chair, and a good dose of floor square footage as well).

And even though he seems to get heavier every time I pick him up, he still remains a cute little boy with his dimples and love of the outdoors and thinking things we're trying to teach him are funny (see: hiking a football, blowing bubbles in swimming lessons).

Video of Levi and mommy dancing

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