Friday, May 20, 2011

Levi White and the Seven Dwarves

Without actually trying, it appears I'm following in my father's footsteps when it comes to nicknames for my son. Whereas I got a heavy dose of "Ralphs," "Franks," "Chucks," and "Herberts" as a child, it appears that my brain's internal nickname-generator tends more toward adjective-based sobriquets. In fact, I rarely call the poor little guy simply "Levi." Depending on what Little Bear is doing at any given moment, I may call him:

Hicky (he gets the hiccups a lot)
or Munchkin

Levi's other aliases thus far have included "Baby Vampire" (he loves the dark cave that is our window-challenged house, and squinches his eyes shut whenever we take him outside), "Little Bear" (he had a healthy amount of facial fuzz as a newborn, giving him a distinct bear-like visage), "Windmill Arms" (unless tightly swaddled, Levi is very committed to his Jiujitsu training. Either that or he's gunning for Tim Bogar's 3rd base coach job), and many others.

And while I often call him "Buddy," "Buckeroo," and "Best Friend," the name I call him most often is "Little Angel." I mean, just look at that face...


  1. LOVED your post, Ralph! ;)

  2. Hi "Chuck,"

    I sat here and had a good out-loud laugh! I'm still smiling as I type. Thanks for your thoughts. Sorry about all the names of your youth!