Friday, May 27, 2011

So our little man burps like... a man. No little burps noises for him - he sounds like he just chugged some very fizzy soda every time he burps. True story. We always say "Good Job Levi!" -- I wonder how long congratulating him for burps will last...hopefully not still going when he's a teenager :)

Levi has lots of other little quirks, like the hiccups he gets at least four times a day. Usually he's fine with them, though sometimes they seem to make him a little mad. Probably when his tummy already hurts.He's developed a frowny face that he gets right before he cries. Though he usually cries only with a reason, he does tend to fuss a bit when he first wakes up from a nap or in the mornings. As does his mommy. And, joy of joys, he's apparently a morning person. He'd stay awake all morning if I didn't put him in the moby wrap to lull him to sleep while I do chores. he's somehow chipper, sometimes smiling, eyes wide open and bright, while I struggle so keep my eyes open and get moving (it takes a good half hour for me to even move around in the a.m. and another two hours or so before I can think straight)

The Maestro
In the past few days, he's started to be able to focus a bit more. He loves to stare at peoples faces, and he can grab onto things with his little fists, sometimes so tightly its hard to make him let go. We've started to read books to him, including an old favorite, Eric Carl's "Brown Bear."

As far as little boys go, he's actually pretty good about not peeing on me when I change his diaper. If he's quite beside himself, he might start to pee (happened a total of four times so far) and a couple of times he's soaked his clothes because I haven't noticed it since I cover him with a little cloth while I'm changing him and I didn't catch it with the diaper in time. He also tends to pee while he's pooping, and I figure I'd better keep at least one of those under control :)

cutest little feet ever!
Levi was apparently born with his dad's sneeze reaction to bright light. Levi, like any newborn, hates bright lights anyway and clamps his eyes shut when around them or outside. But if he ends up a little bit near a bright light, like if I'm standing in a doorway and sunlight shines in, he'll automatically sneeze, as does Tim, as does Tim's dad. I made fun of Tim for years for his silly sneeze reflex, but apparently its a real thing. photo-idio something or other.

Being a mom is a great thing. There's been a few odd side effects - sleeping only for about three hours at a time has somehow resulted in me clenching my teeth while I sleep. If I concentrate before I fall asleep, I can make myself stop, but there've been some mornings when I woke up and could hardly move my jaw.

I loved being pregnant, but I do love having my body back, as it were. it's SO much lighter :) Particularly while I sleep. I always slept on my side, so that was no problem, but I also usually pull my legs up and sleep curled up in a ball, which was impossible while preggers. So I'm enjoying being comfortable while I sleep, being able to move around again with a little more grace and speed, and being able to hug Tim without leaning over and hurting my lower back :)

I'm learning some things about mom-hood too. I was always impressed when I was little with how my mom used her teeth - she could open any sort of package at a moment's notice with them. I now realize why - with three kids in four years, she always had a kid in her arms and had to use her teeth as a second hand sometimes - as now do I. Other than when Levi is joggling his head around (usually when he's hungry) I can hold him with one hand and use my other to accomplish whatever small task I'm doing. Other body parts have become more useful as well - I can pick up a lot with my toes, I've discovered, slam into things with my hips, hold things with only a finger, and so on.

Another entertaining thing about being a mom is the finesse that comes with handing your child off to be held by someone else. There is inevitably that kind of awkward, well, if I take him from you I'll probably brush up against some body part that I shouldn't be, or, if Levi's asleep, there's the awkward stand impossibly close to the other person while trying to transfer him without bobbling his head or waking him up, etc. I don't mind it, but it is funny to watch some people (okay, guys) try to figure out how to take him from me.Ah the little things that make my days bright.

This is getting long and as its quite random,I'll leave off until next week!

(Note: views of his newborn photos, which some of you will be getting copies of :)

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