Friday, May 13, 2011

y entonces había tres

Little bear...little beaaaaaaarrrrrrrr....little bear with the kicky legs!

That. is the song that Tim sings to Levi almost daily. I don't know how to quite communicate the tune - I don't think it's to anything in particular. Our little man is crazy squirmy, and I purposefully leave him loosely wrapped during the day in an effort to inspire tight swaddling = mommy wants to sleep at night. Thus, windmill arms ensue. A couple of days ago, Tim was trying to put little pants on Levi after changing his diaper, and all I could hear from downstairs was Levi crying and Tim laughing - because Levi was kicking his legs so much that Tim could not, for the life of him, get the little pants on.

Levi is quite entertaining in many ways.  For example, he is quite the magician. Though he's only peed on me a couple of times in two weeks while I changed his diaper, one morning I was working on the process when he started pooping about halfway through. I managed to catch the poo before it hit anything other than his diaper, however, as soon as I started to clean that up, I realized that he soaked his outfit from the waist up.....little trickster :)

He's a good little eater, caught on quickly to breast feeding and has a whole range of sound effects that goes with every meal :) He has both a chomping sound when latching on, and for the first time tonight he may have snorted...

As far as sleeping goes, he's pulled a couple of four-hour shifts one night. however, that's often paired with some awake time that same night and being fussed if we try to put him to sleep instead of cuddling him. Meh, you win some, you lose some. I've been a huge fan of naps since I pulled through elementary school (when naps were of the devil and a trick of my parents to make me miss out on so many important things in my day) so I am napping every day while I still can.

As for me and my own recovery from birth (which, even with the complications of Levi's delivery and how far along I got before I met the anesthesiologist was actually pretty short for a first time labor and not terrible all around), it was slow going at first. Family descended in varying stages - my mom and sister on Friday, Levi's birthday, Shawn and my dad on Sunday, Julie and John on Sunday as well, and my Grandma Norton on Tuesday. They were all gone again by Thursday morning, but those first few days were a bit of a doozy for me - not because I had surgery or was on heavy pain (read: loopy and out of it) medication, but because my hemoglobin levels were so low that it took all the energy I had just to sit up. One night I showered for about 15 minutes, and just the energy to stand up for that long and walk up and down the stairs once was enough to make me sit for an hour after, recovering from being winded. I'm on iron supplements along with my vitamins, and now, two weeks out, I'm almost back to normal.  I still get a little winded if I walk too fast for too long, but I've been doing some gardening, wearing Levi in the Moby Wrap and walking up and down stairs without feeling terrible, thank goodness.

Some of the side effects of being a mom have been rather hilarious. For example, one morning as Tim was getting up to leave for work, he leaned over to kiss me goodbye, and I threw my arm around his back and started patting I expected him to burp. oh man.

More updates in the coming weeks, of course. 

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  1. I totally understand the feeling of patting Tim to get him to burp... I do stuff like that all the time! Levi is so cute!