Thursday, June 2, 2011


So this week we've discovered many things about parenting.

Levi's become much more fussy than before, particularly in teh evenings, as is true with most babies. Now, about 90% of the time he's crying because something is wrong - he's got a teeny but painful burp, he wants his diap changed, he wants to be held, or he's hungry. However, sometimes he's just screaming. And whenever we can get him to be quiet (we're usually sitting in bed by that time of the evening) he gets this uber-calm look on his face - mouth hanging open, eyes staring, clinging to one of our shoulders, etc. And he always ends up staring straight behind our headboard at the black and white curtains in the window behind one side of our bed. So we've been joking that whenever he's upset its because he JUST wants to look at the CURTAINS! :)

The other night, Tim was playing with Levi, touching his cheeks, his ears, his nose, etc. While touching his nose, Tim noticed that the cartilage around the outside of the nostrils is pretty firm - i.e. not smushy like most noses are. If you push on them, they don't close. Obviously, this is a built-in safety feature of newborns that we just didn't know about, so that if their face is mashed up against something at least their nose won't close. However, it resulted in a conversation involving poking our own nostrils to see if they were as firm as Levi's (mine are much less smushy than Tim's), and me literally saying, "no, see, poke my nostril!" to which we realized exactly how absurd the entire conversation was :)

Also this week, Levi has stepped up both his muscle exercises and noises. A couple of times now he's made a sort of cooing noise, more than just his usual squeaks or grunts! He also has (somehow) stepped up his crazy movement of arms and legs and squirming all over. The other day he was lying on my tummy as I was on my back, resting, and through one quick twist of his midsection, he completely flipped over and started falling onto his back (onto the bed next to me). I caught him with my super reflexes that have apparently come with being a mom, but how in the world does a one month old flip his entire body over with just one well-executed stretch?

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