Friday, June 17, 2011

He licked my Neck!

Already 9 a.m. and he's beat :)
So Levi is learning more and more every day. He's learned that smiling will make us stop everything we're doing to pay attention to him, even if doesn't seem to know what he's smiling about or why. He's also practicing touching things with his hand open whenever he can. He loves to look at thing, go to a new room, a different place so he can see new things. However, his most practiced and enjoyable way of learning licking things. If he can get a blanket pulled up to his face, he'll lick it. Yesterday I put a black and white toy near him so that he could look at it, and through some wriggling it ended up near his face...and he licked it. He licks my arms, neck, shirt, etc. throughout the day, whether or not he's hungry.

We broke our no-pee streak on Thursday morning. at 5:45 a.m. Levi's really good about not peeing while I change his diaper. I usually still put a little cloth over him anyway, because i know the time I don't is the time he'll pee everywhere. When he gets upset while I change his diaper, he usually tries to poop on me (good thing I have those killer mom reflexes now), but this morning he peed through everything. Ah well. We'll re-start the streak count.

Exactly how mommy sleeps....
We had our first date night out on Sunday. Holly O., who's going to be taking care of Levi for a couple weeks when I first go back to work part time. We headed out to watch the new X-Men flick (brilliant performance by James McAvoy, btw) and Levi was an absolute angel during his most fussy time of the night for Holly. Gotta figure out how she did that ;)

Levi has recently discovered his feet! Or rather, he can touch his feet with his hands and sometimes plays with them. However, he doesn't seem to have any idea what they are. Just like when he smacks himself in the face. or pushes his pacifier out of his mouth. jeez.

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