Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its like a bandana. only for babies.

Helping to make the bed for Uncle Shawn
So I am rapidly becoming Levi's favorite person. Or rather, the only person likely to be able to calm him during his nightly witching hour(s). I went to the gym on Wednesday night for about an hour, and he cried the whole time I was gone and would not be mollified! Poor kid. Or rather, poor Tim! During the day, Levi's pretty much fine with anybody holding him anytime, but anytime after 7 p.m., he might just have a little fit if it's not me. It must be that distinct smell of unshowered, sweaty (95 degrees here yesterday) and milky mom.

This is actually how he fell asleep.
He has had longer times of being awake and just hanging out, though his arms and legs never really stop moving :) During bath time a couple of nights ago when we put him on his tummy, he actually held himself up for a minute on his knees and elbows and rocked back and forth. He particularly likes to look at lights, which I try to keep dim for that reason, still people's faces, and he does seem to like a change or room or location sometimes just to look around, though things are still blurry for him.

We've started getting into a little bit of a bedtime routine, nightly screamfests aside. I change his diap, wrap him up in his swaddle, read him a little book while he gets drowsy, and lay him down in his crib. sometimes he goes out like a light, sometimes I hold his passy in his mouth until it puts him to sleep.

The passy-dana. Very similar to Pasadena, it keeps his passy in place. 

He's also started to be scared at loud noises sometimes. He's always had a strong startle reflex, but it hasn't ever made him upset, just jumpy. But if I sneeze, blow my nose loudly, or drop something, he often has a little high-pitched cry when he startles and then I have to cuddle him for a minute to reassure him that the sky isn't falling.

Our Levi is turning into an old man a bit prematurely :) He's a little over ten pounds, I'm guessing, which means we should move up a size in diapers, according to the diaper packages.

. His tummy's getting large, which is great, however, he has a teeny tiny waist and butt, like an old man, and the larger size diaper just hangs off of him. He's also in need of a comb-over or something, because his hair thinned out so much at the top of his head, but stayed all around the sides. It's pretty funny looking, especially when he gets a little sweaty and the side hair gets wet and curly!

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  1. I LOVE all the smiling shots! He's getting cuter by the day. :)