Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Belly buttons and poop

So I'm beginning to lose my belly button.

It's an outie anyway, so it's not like I had much of one. But still. It's very odd.

People are also starting to feel comfortable asking if I'm pregnant - well, at least those people who have known or seen me regularly for some time. For those who haven't I'm pretty sure they still just think I have a thick waistline naturally.

In baby news, I'm starting to feel this kid move more than just a jab or two here or there. Twice now I've felt either half of him rolling inside or his head smacking the edge of my uterus. I gotta admit, I've been researching many, many facets of having and caring for a baby, but sometimes it freaks me out that there's a person inside of me.

He's almost a pound now, and I would tell you the other things my baby book said but it was really late last night when I was looking at it and all I remember is talking about how their first poop(s) will be nasty and blackish green.

Which led to Tim telling me the story of our brother-in-law, changing his first newborn son's diaper, deciding to throw (yep. I said throw) the diaper towards the trash can.

And, you guessed it -- the diaper hit the wall. Splat. Black. Poop. Everywhere.

And then we couldn't stop giggling and then I fell asleep.

In non-baby life information, I've been really trying to go to the gym almost as regularly as before. For the first trimester, I only made it to about 6 weeks in before I was overtaken by what my Grandma calls the "sleeping sickness" and was irritable, tired, and more tired all of the time. I think other than the bathroom, I didn't clean one thing in my house in that entire time. I slept 10 hours a day every day almost.

Once I recovered from that, around thanksgiving, I started to try to go work out more often. My at-home workout videos are a bit too intense for my heart rate and stamina right now (can you see me trying Billy Blanks with a belly??!!) except one that's a dance-aerobics without too much jumping. I pulled about twice/week for the past few weeks, until mid-December when I kicked it back up to at least four times/week.

And don't worry, I work out cardio-wise only at about half the intensity as before, and only walking or biking.

No daycare tours this week as it is the week before Christmas - hopefully no more crazy stories to share like the last one.

Finally, a photo update to come soon!

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