Thursday, December 16, 2010

It. has been a night.

It started with a pretty bad headache, which my Tylenol doesn't do much about. Tim and I had an appointment to tour a daycare center downtown a couple of miles from our house at 5:30.

So I leave work, make it there on time, and manage to find a parking spot right in front. This particular day care is in a church, and the director told me that the doors would be locked so she would keep an eye out for me.

It's ten degrees outside. I wait a couple of minutes...wait a couple more. Call the number of the daycare - it goes to voicemail. I notice that on the church sign, at the bottom, it says that the daycare entrance is on a side street.

So. in my 4" heels. in the snow. I walk around the block to find the daycare entrance. Also locked. so I wait there for awhile. Then I walk around until I find another door. This one, marvelously, has a little doorbell. The church receptionist tells me that most of the doors in the building (except the two I've tried) are still unlocked. So I go right on inside. She doesn't know anything about the daycare or the director though.

Now to find the daycare. It's a pretty big church downtown, and for some reason, the daycare isn't labeled on the little building maps posted by the stairs. Tim and I wander around, going up and down stairs, down hallways, etc.

Ten minutes later, we smell antiseptic, hear a toddler crying, and have finally discovered the daycare. We walk up to the entrance to the first room, at which point, one of the workers literally points to a little girl and says, oh, she's yours? (what if we had said yes? What if we had taken her???!!!) We say no, and then I am about to ask for the director, Rachel. The woman turns away. There's now two kids crying with no one really paying attention, and another mom chastising her three-year old. We stand there for awhile, waiting for one of the workers to ask us what we need, or at least look at us, but though they are not paying attention to the two kids, neither do they seem to care that we're standing there.

We wander around to more rooms, find no one. We finally see a sign that says office, which is a little weird, because its a room and closet crammed full of toys, baby stuff, etc. with a desk. The employee within cracks open the door with her foot and I ask for Rachel, the director, b/c we're supposed to go for a tour and ask her some questions. The employee apologizes, saying the center will close in 15 minutes, and the director is already gone for the day. Perfect. The employee answers the phone before letting me continue, when it happens to be the director. She asks if theres an email or phone number I can call the director at to answer a couple of questions, and the director says to call her back at the daycare the next day. Which is clearly why I scheduled a tour with her two weeks in advance....

The employee tells the director that they've lost not one, but two baby strollers (owned by parents) and no one is sure where they went.

She says we should call another time and we can set up a tour with Rachel...which I already did and already told her....

So Tim and I let ourselves out. and crossed. the place. off. our list.

The good news is that after we went to our favorite dirt-cheap authentic Mexican restaurant after that. The further bad news is that Tim then left for Bible Study while I came home to a house of 25.5 degrees....

Good gracious. That's my baby-related story of the day :)


  1. I know of a fantastic Christian daycare where NONE of this would have happened! Except it's in Nashua NH...and we don't start toddlers until they're 12 months old...and I'd get fired for leaving my kindergarteners to go cuddle your little person all day long.

    I hope your other leads are way better than the impression you got tonight!


  2. wow. that sounds horrible!!! I'm surprised they're still in business! And why in the world is your house sooo cold???