Friday, December 3, 2010

Yoga, registries, and research

Well, I still haven't felt Dwighty move yet. at least I don't think. There's once spot at the very top of my pelvis bone where twice I've felt something, but let's face it, its most likely my intestines :)

I'm wearing a dress today, wonder of wonders. I don't wear dresses for two reasons: 1) they are way expensive. Why would I buy a dress for $50 that's only one outfit when I can purchase multiple items for the same price to make many outfits and 2) from the waist up, my body is one size, and from the waist down, my body is another size. This can be incredibly hard to fit for, and it's a wonder I didn't start wearing two-piece bathing suits until after I was married. anyway. Today I have a marvelous polka dot dress on. I uploaded a picture - don't laugh, I'm terrible at taking photos with my phone still. A volunteer at my FT job told me I look nice and have nice legs, which made me laugh b/c she's about 70 and I've only met her twice in my life :)

other things going on in our life with baby: still organizing like mad craziness. I have great plans for adding a shelf to our one and only non-bedroom closet, to one of our kitchen cabinets, and cleaning out all dressers and other storage spaces full of things we rarely use. I threw out all of our wedding cards that I saved for unknown reasons, but kept all of my coloring books. which I think I might bring on the cruise with us!

I've so far gone through 19 pounds of hand-me-down maternity clothes. the bad news is that I hate shopping and trying on clothes, the good news is that they are FREE and of a variety of styles and sizes, so I'm bound to find a handful of items, which is really all I need. Kara has been wonderful for shirts, since I'm not the tiniest framed person like a lot of my friends (swimmer shoulders and skier thighs, hard to fit, yeah?)Krista's given me a couple of pairs of jeans which are a magical fit (the length works because they ride lower than regular jeans with the belly lowering the waistline!) and several otter folks have contributed to a rather large and varied collection.

I've been taking yoga, surprise to all, kind of including me. Though I have nothing against the basic premise of stretching, focusing and relaxing, I believe that dabbling in spiritual realms we know nothing about and have no control over is always a bad idea. Luckily, I know the teacher, a Christian, and she's great at certainly helping us stretch better and tying in what we do with our pregnancies, but not talking about the inner eye or any spiritual realm like that. There's also a relaxation time at the end of every class which is pretty much nap time for 20 minutes, hurrah! The stretching is good and I need it, though, not to be braggy, the balance poses aren't usually too challenging. I like the mini-workout more than I thought I would.

Some of you have been asking about a baby registry, which we have set up on Babys R Us - just search by my or Tim's name. We are completely okay with hand-me-downs, so feel free to give used items as you wish- with the exception of the stroller, which we are both partial to -- though the orange color isn't a necessity, just what they had in our particular store.

next post: daycare and pediatrician research.....

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