Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Cantalope.

Baby is now the size of a cantaloupe, according to one of my weekly emails. about the length of a carrot and three-quarters of a pound. I feel like its slightly odd to always be comparing the poor child to fruits - but the visual is still useful.

This update I'll put what we accomplished in line of baby this weekend: nothing :) But it was nice to just do whatever we wanted over the weekend. Which clearly involved sitting around, watching TV, hanging with some friends and going to the gym. Oh, and the best donuts in the whole world.

We did loosely plan the two dates of baby showers - one in Pa. and one in Mass. The one will definitely include wings and maybe.....football? Bet you didn't see that one coming :)

I've also been reading up on various things - some of them scary (post-partum care for myself) and some of them cuddly. I've got a handful of baby books, and I try to read a chapter each day - all dealing with post-birth. I got Tim a couple as well - one of which I believe is called a caveman's guide to first-time dads, which should be interesting. So far I've learned a lot of random stuff I wouldn't have thought of - like that many babies come with "state" control - or the ability to control their own level of alertness (awake and bright-eyed when they wake up, closing their eyes when they're sleepy), whereas fussy babies tend to lack that intrinsic control (refusing to close their eyes no matter how tired they are, etc.) how you should start babies using bottles a couple of times a week (after 4 weeks) if you plan on putting them in any type of child care where they will need to bottle feed, etc.

who knew???

I promised I'd tell you about free stuff we've been trying to collect. We wanted a video camera for baby and had planned on spending the money at some sale or another - Tim found that on Cyber Monday, our rewards points on our credit card also had deals - so we bought a....flip...camera..thing? That should cost around $140, and just used our points to get it for free! it works pretty well, takes some low-quality photos, and you can use it underwater as well! It's made for wear and tear, very resilient. We're excited :) We've also gotten something called a Rainbow Tabletop air purifier, thanks to Tim's family, Krista and Jesse, and our friends Becca and Matt, for sitting through a sales pitch for us. It's working great guys!!!
As I've said before, pretty much all of my maternity clothes have been free - and there's some stuff that's really a perfect fit, which I love love love!]

Oh, in other news (sorry I forgot this, it already seems normal) but I've decided I have been able to feel the baby kicking! It's not all the time, and it's only in certain spots, and it didn't feel anything like what people told me it would feel like. It feels like a tiny (not painful) muscle spasm, which I suppose it makes sense, its just a little arm or leg stretching the muscle a little bit, for just a moment. I can only feel it on the low side of my belly, right at the bottom, and in one spot on each side. I thought I would be able to feel it all over my belly, and I thought it would feel different. But anyway.

I don't think I have any other updates right now. The nursery is still not even near being complete - still waiting on that free insulation. I'm trying to be patient...but I told Tim if we don't have it by this weekend, we're finishing the bathroom instead (baseboard, painting minimal trim and new faucet). that's certainly a weekend job.

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