Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The planning never ends...yay!

If you know me, you know I love to plan. Tim and I had a conversation about this - he's much more of a visionary, strategic planning sort of personality, but I am more of an executor - following through on plans. However, that doesn't diminish my love for details and preparation and research. Baby time then, is not stressful but fun in that weird, also why I love to clean the house or planned my entire wedding by myself (except the catering, thanks mom!) kind of way.

That said, these last few days we accomplished several things:

We purchased a small, comfy chair glider. Not nearly as nice as the $400 gliders you can find in Babys-r-us, but an older, mini-lazy boy glider. I prefer gliders over rockers, but don't want the wooden rocking chair with cushions - I hate ottomans and I don't like that the arms are so high. So we found a small, useful one for $60 at our favorite local used furniture store. It does happen to be mauve velour, which is a problem, but furniture covers were made for a reason!

I've also booked appointments at four of the five local day cares we're looking into. Who knew only a few of them even take infants, and many of those only take infants through pre-school age - we'd like one that we could continue with later, if possible. We're visiting the two most expensive in town, a medium-priced one, a small, church-run daycare and have some time eventually set up to meet with a mom who lives near us and does child care in her home. We'll have all the day cares toured except for the mom before we leave on our cruise!

Next is pediatricians! My family always had a particular relationship with our physicians when I was growing up -- namely that we knew them very, very well. And not just because with four of us, someone was always sick :)We went to a small practice with only one female physician and one female NP, so I was close with both of them. I would like a small practice with doctors of both genders, and NPs or PAs as well. When I asked my mom friends what practices they go to, all of them said the huge, mega-practice in town with about 17 physicians. One mom told me it was great, her newborn visited each different physician at least once and then they picked their primary and "backup" primary. which can only be seen for well-child visits planned far in advance, otherwise you just get whomever is on call. This. does not sound like what I like. at all. Though they have more office hours, smaller practices have nurse triage numbers around the clock, urgent care centers in town are only five bucks more of a copay than a doc visit and the smaller practice I'm looking at has evening hours every day. So I'll be meeting with one of their male PAs late in January, and I hope I like him :) I chatted with my all-knowing mother about good questions to ask a physician, so I'm all prepared.

Also, I need to give a shout-out to one Megan Fisher, as promised for all of her registering advice (another post later) and for her 18 buckets of maternity clothes. I'm a hard fit, and with all of her resources I found several things to get me through without having to purchase anything for either our cruise or the cold, winter months.

All right, that's enough for this time! If there are any requests for topics, please let me know :)


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